Complete the “S ellin s” by writing the missing letters.

NoSr. .Missing LettersWordsSr No. .Missing LettersWords
1.Co       n     ryCountry2.V       rt     eVirtue
3.Le       yeLeave4.i Pr      ph     tProphet
5.B        ughBought6.Ki       ch     nKitchen
7.Cho       seChoose8.Q        i    tQuiet
9.M        t     onMotion10.M        sl                mMuslim
11.B        avBrave12.s Su                ce     sSuccess
13.R        qu     stRequest14.W ap nWeapon
15.H       althHealthy16.R        a     hReach
17.Dif        ic    ItDifficult18.V        cto     yVictory
19.N        tion   1National20. La _ ghLaugh
21.T        blTable22.M        1    taryMilitary
23.En myEnemy24.H        no     rHonour
25.N        to     eNature26.Col        eg                   •College
27.V        1    ageVillage28.Occ        pOccupy
29.Of        ic     rOfficer30.YeYear
31.F       ithFaith32.C        mpan     onCompanion
33.Ad       re     sAddress34.Mis        i    nMission
35.Er        o     sErrors36.Kn        fKnife
37. S       1   ishSelfish38.H m nHuman
39.B1      ssBless40.S        h      meScheme
41.So       ietySociety42.S       ellSmell
43.V       iceVoice44.Cr        m      nalCriminal
45.Co        p     exComplex46.P        n     shPunish
47.L       v     bleLovable48.F        r     stForest
49.S        e     eScene50.M        m er_ Member



Complete the following words by putting the missing letters:

1.An              mals2.For     st3.Seas     ns
4.Justi              e5.N      ti on6.Creat      re
7.Ter      ible8.Dial     gue9.We           pon
10.Amo             nt11.Incl     de12.Bri_ht
13.Ex     lore14.En my15.Dou     t
16.Se      ret17.Clap     ed18.Va     i     h
19.Al     ow20.0 cu_y21.Fun     tion
22.Mes      ag23.Hist     r     cal24.Qu     rt     rs
25.Tel_sh        ne26.Dis     ov     r27.Bu     in    ss
28.Ach     ev29.Wo            d     rful30.He     rty
31.Po      ular32.Fo      giv33.Str      ng
34.We      ding35.Se      rch36.P     r     nts
37.Ar      ow38.B     liev39.Bea      t    ful
40.Comp _t_




FROM 1999 TO 2013


1.B   i   htBright               2.R    ng–:—Ring
Zb      a

_ _

I.Zebra                4.N_r_eNurse
5.The . rTheir                6.F – onFront
1.C    acCoach               2.en


3.T    ucTruck                4.St   o   gStrong
5.A   m    rahAlmirah            6.C   rt     inCertain
7.H dHide                 8.B   nBent
9..       h   rts


Shirts               10.Br   g   tBright
1.G    atGoat                 2.W n owWindow
3.Pou      h

_ _

Plough              4.S    enScene
5.Ne_r_yNearly               6.P   rkPark


Write correct spellings  of the following words:

WordsCorrect SpellingsWordsCorrect Spellings
FairwelFarewellNieghborNpighbour Btisines§
LabartreyLaboratorySykolujee            .Nychology
PriviledgePrivilege          •Tigeress         ,Tigress