Solved Model Paper of Entrance Test

Paper English

Time: 45 Min.                                Class VIII                                                              Marks: 75

Ql.                         Write an essay on any one of the following:

  • Obedience to Parents and Teachers
  • Importance of Sports and Games
  • My Ambition in Life

Ans.                                                                       MY AMBITION IN LIFE

Man is an ambitious being. Every man and woman has some ambition. Without ambition, life becomes purposeless, dull, and boring. Ambition makes a person active, live, and hardworking. I am a young boy of 13 years. I am ambitious. My ambition is to fly fast and high in the sky like an eagle. I want to become a pilot in the Pakistan Air Force. I want to serve and defend my country. I want to join Pakistan Air Force after completion of my studies. I want to become a pilot of a fighter airplane. I think I have all the qualities to become a pilot. I am preparing myself for this profession. I am preparing myself for the admission test at PAF College. The training and instructions of this college will help me in becoming a pilot. My parents and family members are encouraging me in this respect. My teachers and friends are also helping me a lot. Pakistan Air Force is one of the greatest forces in the world. I shall leave no stone unturned to achieve my ambition. I am ready to make any sacrifice for it. I know that God helps those who help themselves. I am confident to achieve my goal. One day my dream will come true.

  • Write a letter to a friend inviting him to spend the summer vacation with you. (20)

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C.
April 21, ……..

My dear Saleem,

Your letter came to hand. You told that your school would close for spring holidays next week. I invite you to spend these holidays with me. My father has promised to take me Murree during the holidays. We shall enjoy its sights very much. I hope your father will all over you to go with me. Please write when you will reach it.

Please pay my Salam and regards to all your family members.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

  • Use the following pairs of words in meaningful sentences: (20)

Ans.          Words                                                Sentences

(i)                                 Whether: Tell me whether you will come to school or not?

Weather: Weather of Murree was very pleasant.


Cadet Guide

  • Pale I could hardly see in the pale moonlight.

Pail                               He is carrying a pail of water.

  • Veil She is wearing a veil.

Vale                             Kashmir is a beautiful vale.

  • Cite

She cited a verse from the Holy Quran.


It is not a good sight for a school.

  • Quite I am quite well now.

Quiet                            Keep quiet in your classroom,

Q4.             Do as directed:                                                                               (10)

  • by, and, are, honestly, God, always, charity, rewarded (Rearrange into meaningful sentence)

Ans. Charity and honesty are always rewarded by God.

  • Do it at once. (Change the voice)

Ans.     It is done at once.

  • She does not go there. (Change into past indefinite)

Ans. She did not go there.

  • He is senior_ (Use article)

Ans. He is senior to me.

  • He is_ honest man. (Use article)

Ans. He is an honest man.

Q5.             Translate the following into English:                                               (10)


Ans. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

Ans. Road is being repaired. Ans. Islam is a religion of peace. Ans. Spitting is a very had habit.

Ans. Will she have sewed the clothes?