Should modern science be condemned

Should modern science be condemned

1st candidate:

Gentlemen, I feel ashamed when I am compelled to condemn modern science and modern scientists for having terrorized humanity. Today , the entire mankind is faced with the formidably grim problem of mass extinction as a result of a thermo-nuclear war. Although the Partial Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty has been signed between the Soviet Union, U.S.A. and Britain, the attitude of France and China is pretty alarming.
Science and the scientists are responsible for the tension between a nation and another. The root-cause of the armament race today is science. Bertrand Russell and all other great pacifists of the world condemned the aggressively militant temper of modern science and the perverted attitude of modern scientists towards society. As a matter of fact, science which was once considered to be the noblest boon of God to man, has become the worst curse. I cannot but condemn the modern scientists, especially the scientists who manufactured the Atom Bombs, which devastated the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2nd candidate:

Gentlemen, to some extent-rather to a great extent-I do agree with my learned friend when he condemns the temper of modern science and the attitude of modern scientists towards war. Recently the scientists of East and West are warned against playing the role of “a murderer” – “a mass-murderer of human race”!
The fact is that detached from spiritual and ethical code science has taken up an aggressive role. Modern scientists have been converted into mass murderers. Why do they manufacture Megaton, Hydrogen Bombs, when they know that these bombs would destroy entire human civilization?
Gentlemen, I would have certainly condemned scientists and science itself outright, had science not given us certain creative and constructive things like X-ray, Penicillin, Radium, etc.
3rd candidate:

Gentlemen, indeed, today science is being harnessed more for destructive purposes than for constructive and creative ones. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on armament-production, when with the same amount poverty of the entire world can be removed and there would be no hungry or ill-fed or ill-clothed or unsheltered on this earth. It is a pity that atomic energy, which is the greatest and most creative of the powers of Nature, is being used for killing hundreds of millions of human beings in one second.

But the question is how far we should put the blame on scientists alone. I think modern politicians and states-men too are equally responsible for the gross prostitution of science that we witness today. And I think these bald-headed politicians and statesmen are to be condemned. Scientists are being treated as prisoners by these political bosses-rather I would call them “political tyrants” no less condemnable than the great tyrant, Nero, who got Rome burnt while he was playing upon his fiddle!

4th candidate:

Gentlemen, I quite agree with my worthy friend that our modern statesmen and politicians should be blamed for making prostitution of science. But at the same time, a good deal can be said against our modern scientists. Why do they encourage their political bosses to produce weapons of mass-destruction by making latest inventions of these dreadful weapons? The scientists, all over the world, should make it a pledge of honour that, come what may, they would not produce anything which tends to slaughter humanity. They should take a solemn vow unanimously that they would harness the potentiality of atom only for peaceful purposes. “Atoms for peace only” – should be their motto.

But, it is a matter of sheer pity that modern scientists, especially of Western countries and Russia, have developed a tendency to produce far more destructive weapons of science than what they already possess. Why do they inform their political bosses of the destructive potentiality of science? They should harness constructive and creative power of science. With atomic energy they can change the face of our earth. They can change the African ceserts and all other deserts of the world into smiling orchards and fields, producing so much food that the entire mankind can be fed and the question of food-shortage be solved once and for all. Unless out modern scientists develop this humanitarian outlook, we must censure their present attitude, if we don’t condemn them outright.

5th candidate:

Gentlemen, I agree with my worthy friend who spoke just now. Modern politicians and statesmen, who have become too much power intoxicated, should be condemned for doing prostitution of science. And at he same time, as my friend has just pointed out, scientists, too,, are to be censured-if not condemned-for helping these war-mongers, i.e., our modern statesmen and diplomats, why should they manufacture weapons of mass-destruction of humanity when they, with their scientific genius, can create a paradise of eternal bliss on this earth?

But we should not condemn science. Science is the noble’s boon that God has conferred upon us. Science has a highly significant and didactic mission its ultimate aim is to make man realize his Maker-God-which according to science, is the grates truth. We, ourselves, are to be blamed and condemned for making perverted use of science. If a thermo-nuclear War devastates the world, we shall be held responsible for it and not science.

Gentlemen, I would suggest eh establishment of international brotherhood of scientists which should make certain laws and principles for all the scientists of the world-that no scientists of any country, under any circumstances, should undertake production of any weapon that tends to destroy the world. And let such an association of world scientist offer constructive and to the United Nations in the establishment of Global har-money and world peace.