The Board’s Questionnaire merits special consideration and careful study, as it calls for the complete antecedents of the candidate till the time of his appearance before the Board. A specimen of the Board’s questionnaire is given in this chapter and the candidate is advised to study the various questions thoroughly. The completed questionnaire provides valuable and very relevant information regarding the background of the candidate to the Interviewing Officer. During the interview, a major part of the discussion centers around the answers provided in the questionnaire, proforma. The candidate should be fully prepared to elaborate or supplement the information furnished by him in the questionnaire, during the interview. The psychologist may also refer to the questionnaire form for getting confirmation of some of his findings. The candidate should, therefore, furnish all important details concerning himself and his activities in the questionnaire. The academic distinction, social activities, sports achievement, extra-curricular undertakings, N.C.C. training particular’s special interests, hobbies, service experience if any, etc. should be mentioned exhaustively and accurately. These aspects must find a place even when the candidate is asked to give a pen picture or an autobiography of himself.

To help the candidate to gather data regarding himself, additional questions have been listed after the model questionnaire. The candidate is advised to prepare the answers for all the questions thoroughly and exhaustively.

Model Questionnaire

  • Name of the Candidate (In Block Capitals)
  • Batch No
  • Chest No
  • The name of the place and the province you belong to
  • Father’s Name, Father’s Age, Father’s Occupation (state the previous occupation, if dead)
  • Father’s income (include yours, if any)
  • Age of Mother and her nationality
  • Your date of birth and age in years and days
  • No. of brothers elder to you, No. of brothers younger to you
  • No. of sisters elder to you, No. of sisters younger to you, No. of sisters married and unmarried
  • Give the record of your education, starting from Matriculation.
    • Name of Examination
    • University/College/school
    • Division/Honours
    • Subjects
  • Record of places where you have stayed for more than one year (for the last ten years)
  • Extra-curricular activities with the position you have held
  • Record of scholarships or trophies you have won
  • Games you play
  • Book you have read in the last year (apart from textbooks) and the name of the authors
  • Magazines that you read
  • Newspapers and periodicals you read
  • Your hobby or hobbies
  • Any disease that you have lately or earlier been suffering from
  • Your choice of arms in Services (in order of preference)
  • Type of school you have attended i.e., whether you were a boarder, in public school, or day scholar.
  • Membership and training in N.C.C. etc
  • Record of service, if any

Additional Questions

  • Your relations with your brothers and sisters (whether cordial, strained, etc.)
  • whom do you like more — father or mother?
  • whom do you prefer more — brothers and sisters?
  • Give detailed reasons for your desire to join the Armed Forces?
  • State what would you do in case you are not selected
  • Describe the following:
    • The most interesting event in your life
    • The most depressing event in your life
    • The most impressive event in your life
    • The most exciting event in your life
  • Write down a brief account of your happiest day in your life
  • Write what your best friend would tell about you
  • Write what your worst enemy would tell about you
  • What are you live’s ambitions?
Note: Personal interview is mainly based on the data furnished by the candidate in response to the above questionnaire.