Computer Science Text Book 9618 New Edition – Cambridge International AS and A Level

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Developed by an experienced author and examiner team and written for the international learner, this coursebook provides students with a structured and progressive guide to the theoretical and practical skills required by the syllabus. With an emphasis on developing computational skills, this resource helps build students’ confidence in using a range of technology and programming languages. Detailed descriptions of concepts are reinforced with exercises, discussion points, and reflection questions with exam-style and past paper questions. Answers are found within the teacher’s resource.


  • Written specifically for the international learner with clear explanations of concepts and associated key terms.
  • Examples given in the three accepted programming languages (Microsoft Visual Basic, Python and Java) provide students with the opportunity to code with their preferred language.
  • The Discussion Point feature encourages deeper understanding through articulating and reasoning concepts with peers.
  • There is a wealth of opportunities to practise and consolidate skills through tasks, extension questions, and exam-style and past paper questions


  • Introduction
  • Part 1: 1. Information representation
  • 2. Communication
  • 3. Hardware
  • 4. Processor fundamentals
  • 5. System software
  • 6. Security, privacy and data integrity
  • 7. Ethics and ownership
  • 8. Databases
  • Part 2: 9. Algorithm design and problem-solving
  • 10. Data types and structures
  • 11. Programming
  • 12. Software development
  • Part 3: 13. Data representation
  • 14. Communication and Internet technologies
  • 15. Hardware and virtual machines
  • 16. System software
  • 17. Security
  • 18. Artificial intelligence
  • Part 4: 19. Computational thinking and problem solving
  • 20. Further programming.
  • Format: Paperback
  • Subject(s):Computer Science
  • Qualification: Cambridge AS and A Level
  • Author(s):Sylvia Langfield, Dave Duddell
  • Available from:April 2019

This series is for the Cambridge International AS & A Level Computer Science syllabus (9618) for examination from 2021.

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