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Cambridge International AS and A Level Business 9609 Business: Coursebook with CD-ROM Third Edition

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Written by experienced authors, the Coursebook provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. Accessible language combined with the clear, visually-stimulating layout makes this an ideal resource for the course. Questions and explanation of key terms reinforce knowledge; different kinds of activities build application, analytical and evaluation skills; and case studies contextualise the content making it relevant to international learners. It provides thorough examination support for all papers with exam-style questions with each chapter and an extensive Paper 3 style case study with each unit. The student CD-ROM contains revision aids, further questions and activities. A Teacher’s CD-ROM is also available.


  • Objectives set out the aims for each chapter.
  • Key definitions enhance understanding of the concepts.
  • Questions within each chapter help with practice and aid self assessment.
  • Activities build key skills required by the assessment objectives – application, analysis and evaluation.
  • Key concept feature integrates this new syllabus element with the text and highlights the links between different topics.
  • Top tips offer handy advice, dos and don’ts and point out common errors.
  • Case studies from around the world put the subject in the context of real business situations.
  • Summary points at the end of each chapter consolidate learning.
  • Exemplar examination questions help in familiarising with the style of questions encountered in exams, and assess understanding and skills to handle them.
  • Extensive case study at the end of each unit offer thorough support for Paper 3 style questions.


  • Introduction
  • Unit 1. Business and its Environment: 1. Enterprise
  • 2. Business structure
  • 3. Size of business
  • 4. Business objectives
  • 5. Stakeholders in a business
  • 6. Business structure (A Level)
  • 7. Size of business (A Level)
  • 8. External influences on business activity (A Level)
  • 9. External economic influences on business behaviour (A Level)
  • Unit 2. People in Organisations: 10. Management and leadership
  • 11. Motivation
  • 12. Human resource management (HRM)
  • 13. Further Human resource management (HRM) (A Level)
  • 14. Organisation structure (A Level)
  • 15. Business communication (A Level)
  • Unit 3. Marketing: 16. What is marketing?
  • 17. Market research
  • 18. The marketing mix – product and price
  • 19. The marketing mix – promotion and place
  • 20. Marketing planning (A Level)
  • 21. Globalisation and international marketing (A Level)
  • Unit 4. Operations and Project Management: 22. The nature of operations
  • 23. Operations planning
  • 24. Inventory management
  • 25. Capacity utilisation (A Level)
  • 26. Lean production and quality management (A Level)
  • 27. Project management (A Level)
  • Unit 5. Finance and Accounting: 28. Business finance
  • 29. Costs
  • 30. Accounting fundamentals
  • 31. Forecasting and managing cash flows
  • 32. Costs (A Level)
  • 33. Budgets (A Level)
  • 34. Contents of published accounts (A Level)
  • 35. Analysis of published accounts (A Level)
  • 36. Investment appraisal (A Level)
  • Unit 6. Strategic Management: 37. What is strategic management? (A Level)
  • 38. Strategic analysis (A Level)
  • 39. Strategic choice (A Level)
  • 40. Strategic implementation (A Level)
  • Unit 7: 41. Preparing for your examinations (A Level)
  • Index.


  • ISBN:9781107677364
  • Format:Mixed media product
  • Subject(s):Business Studies
  • Qualification:Cambridge AS and A Level
  • Author(s):Peter Stimpson, Alistair Farquharson
  • Available from:October 2014
  • Edition : Third Edition

This revised set of resources for Cambridge International AS and A Level Business syllabus (9609) is thoroughly updated for the latest version of the curriculum.

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