Picture Story Writing

Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) which is also known as Picture Story Writing Test in ISSB. It is a projective Test in ISSB in which candidate has to explain the scenes in his own words displayed on the projective screen on his paper.

It is a big test for a candidate, because of this test Psychologist can learn the personality of a candidate, his feeling and complexity in his life and its thinking. So, for a good Thematic Appreciation Test or Picture Story writing in ISSB, you have to change your thinking. You should be positive in every field.

Stories which are written by you in the Psychologist to learn about your social life. From these stories, Psychologist in ISSB knows about the candidate, How he sees the social world.

The procedure of Thematic Appreciation Test or Picture Story Writing in ISSB:-

After Words Association Test(WAT) and Sentence Completion Test(SCT), all the candidates are provided with blank papers and the rough picture is displayed on the screen and candidate will have to see the picture for a given time and then you have to give time to write a story.
Total Picture          = 04
Time to allowed    = 3 minutes + 30 seconds

30 seconds to see the picture on the screen and 3 minutes to write on a blank paper.

Guidelines and Tips for candidates:-

Your story should have the following categories.
Crisis + Struggling + Result
Your Story should be positive and real. Try to avoid accidents and death and other situations which have a bad impact and sadness.
Be careful while writing stories, because all these stories are related to you by A Psychologist. A Psychologist will try to know about your personal crisis, complexes in your life and thinking. Stories you write will also tell your social behavior. Be natural and bold in Picture stories writing. You can also relate the scenario of the picture to your own life or the life of your friend and teachers.