Picture Story 9

ISSB Picture Illustration 9

ISSB Story 9Our success and happiness, in the ultimate analysis, depends entirely on our mental attitudes. You can be happy if you firmly and decisively make up your mind to be happy. It is incorrect. labor under the impression that we are creatures of circumstances. Destiny rules our actions and providence provides for our happiness or unhappiness. It is also equally incorrect to imagine that money, affluence, power, privilege, position, status and other such external matters are indispensable for one’s happiness. The possession of these might prove helpful but they are not essential.

What is more, in many instances, these material possessions may actually produce troubles, worries, and unhappiness. Thus, happiness and success and also to a great measure one’s health, depending on one’s mental attitude. Life is meant to live, to enjoy, to help, and to make a positive contribution to society at large. At individual should b. adaptable, willing, warmhearted, cooperative, flexible, sympathetic, sincere and unselfish, to live and let live He or she should be willing to take the initiatives shoulder responsibilities and put -in sustained hard work to accomplish something worthwhile. The person should have faith in himself and in his fellow human beings, He must have a positive mental attitude and envelop positive daily habits. He should not he diffident, shy, hesitant, or feeble when confronted with problems, difficulties, dangers, or disasters. Above all, he should be ready to sacrifice and at au times place the interests of the group, team, organization over his own. Only such an individual can provide the required leadership, obtain co-operation, overcome hurdles, and attain the coveted goal he has chosen for himself in life. Only such a person will be able to have real happiness and make others reap happiness. It is not true that every individual is born with these positive and negative attributes, Due to one’s environment, association, upbringing, and training during childhood, individuals tend to acquire more and more of positive and negative qualities. So long as the negative qualities have not taken firm roots and so long as the individual reveals sincere keenness to develop into an optimistic person, it is fairly easy to put him on the right track. To’ change over to the positive track and make sure that you don’t jump the rails, it is first important for you to know your strong and weak points in this psychological sphere. You can make a personal assessment of yourself on your own. in an unbiased and objective manner, with the help of the TAT (‘thematic Apperception Test) Projective Technique. Study the picture below for 30 seconds. Then put down your thoughts relating to it (picture) in the form of a brief story, within a time limit of five minutes. There should be no time gap between the observation of the picture and writing of the story, and one should follow the other immediately. Thereafter, read the other stories and ‘expert’s comments on the same. With the help of these, you can know where you stand. If you have the gifts, put them to the best possible use. If you find room for improvement, start acting at once. Shed the negative habits, attitudes, and approaches. Will your way to SUCCESS.


In the picture, Waqas is seen talkin2 to the Personal Assistant of the Managing Director of a Private Limited Company. He is a qualified Accountant who received professional training after his graduation. He develops a fancy for the girl at the counter. He enjoys prolonging his talk with Beauty. To here great delightful surprise, he proposes to her and smartly puts her a question if she would like to be the Managing Director of his youthful heart After some initial hesitation on her part. the young lover wins his Ladylove. They marry, and he beings to feel that his style of life’ is complete. 1-le turns into a loving husband whom a chance meeting had made the proud spouse of the ‘Queen of Hearts”.


This story indicates that the author is socially at the case and has the knack of winning over friends. He also displays initiative and proves capable of taking decisions. He is willing to take risks and tends to be an enterprising type. Selected

In the picture, Faisal is seen talking to the Receptionist a Private Limited Concern. He is smart and presentable. He has dropped in to see the Managing Director. The receptionist tries to contact the Director on the phone to find out if she should send the gentlemen in. But while dialing her glance gets riveted on the smart-looking boy. Suddenly, she realizes that she has fallen in love with the young stranger. There is a moment of tense feelings on both sides. At last, they talk business, and the girl opens her mind. The man seizes the opportunity and marries the young charming girl.


This candidate in this instance proves to be indecisive. He has no set goals and proceeds about his undertakings by fits and starts. He is not as clear as to what exactly he requires. He allows his mind to be distracted by side issues. His mind is confused and he is not able to organize his affairs in an order of priorities. He reveals a tendency to yield to temptation very easily. Rejected.

Miss Nabeela is working as a Private Secretary to the Managing Director of AB and Co. Mr. Javed has been called by the M.D. for an interview at 10.30 a.m. When he comes the appointed time, Nabeel enquires from him whether he is Mr. Javed; and if so, he should wait for a while as the M.D. is somewhat busy for some time. Javed argues with her as he has an engagement. Finally, he compelled her to ring up the boos and remind him of the engagement. Thus he succeeded in meeting the Managing Director at the appointed time. But the Managing Director was not very happy. Hence Javed could not make the grade in the interview.


The candidate is rash and tactless. He lucks patience and persuasive ability. He has a single-track mind and with his blind or rigid attitude, he is likely to create more problems for his organization. He is emotional as well as temperamental. He lacks common sense to view things in their proper perspectives. Rejected

Smart, well dressed, pleasant, and smiling Waqas was liked by everyone in the Head Officer of Pakistan Cloth Mills. Waqas stood first in Textile Engineering College and as selected as a junior executive in Mill. The Managing Director found Waqas to be intelligent, keen, and bubbling with enthusiasm and new ideas. He has just come out from the M.D.’s office after having an interesting meeting with the boss. He has some good news to tell the private secretary. The M.D. has announced that Waqas has been selected for special higher training in the United States. The girl congratulates him and tells him that he richly deserves this unique honor. Waqas is modest and thanks the girl sincerely for her good wishes. Waqas did exceptionally well in his special studies in the United States. The returns to Pakistan enriched with new ideas and many modern techniques. He made a great contribution to the growth of the textile industry in Pakistan. In due course, he himself became the Managing Director of the Pakistan Cloth Mills.


This story also presents a sound theme that revolves around a healthy personality. The hero is an accomplished, dynamic, and bright young man. He has a good grasp and capacity for sustained work. He is able to get along with others in a cordial and affectionate manner. He gets things done with ease and spec I. His mental outlook is one of optimism and hope. He is always confident of victory. Select.