ISSB Picture Illustration 6

ISSB Story 6Positive thinking and optimistic outlook are the basic requirements for successful leadership. The positive attitude enables one to acquire a success-oriented personality. Fired with optimism and hope, the leader d[splays confidence, dash, enterprise and initiative. He becomes bold takes risks and makes full use of tie opportunities offered to him. He remains dynamic and active. He gains a strong will power and 1ock like determination. His unshakable faith in his ultimate victory enables him to persist with his takes, in spite of all temporary setbacks. Being an optimist, he invariably looks at the positive side of each event or occurrence. It makes him get the best out of the worst and he mangers to convert even a defeat into a victory. The positive individual displays all leadership qualities He has an excellent aptitude for the organization.

He enjoys quick grasp, understand the essentials of the problems, comes out with a workable solution, maps out a practical plan, and plunges into action by taking his colleagues with him. The positive individual displays all leadership qualities. He has an excellent aptitude for the organization. He enjoys a quick grasp. understands the essentials of the problem comes out with a workable solution, maps out a practical plan, and plunges into action by taking his colleagues with him. The positive individual is also dynamic. decisive and fast. In the social field, one will find the optimist cooperative, warm, and accommodative. The pessimist or negative type will display antisocial qualities and one can perceive fear. inferiority complex. indecision and inaction on his part. The thematic Apperception Test or Picture story writing technique serves ideally to estimate the positive or negative mental frame of an individual. The picture produced below and the’ stories written on it by four different individuals, bring out the personality of each. The expert comments will enable you to understand the personality make-up of the concerned individuals. You can learn how to think positively and win gloriously.


Dr. Qamar was a brilliant and expert young surgeon who was devoted to his profession. He wanted to go abroad, specialized in heart transplantation surgery, and finally set up a private nursing home of his own so that he could serve the people without the hindrance of Government rules and regulations. He was keen to provide free medical aid to the poor and deserving people. However, he was poor and hence could not proceed abroad. He joined a local hospital and by his hard and excellent work earned a name for himself. On many days he remained in the operation theatre from morning till late afternoon, performing one after another a series of operations. He inspired many others to follow his example. One day, after ten hours of tiring work he was returning home on his scooter. Although he was tired and hungry, he volunteered to drop the nurse who assisted him at the operation theatre, at her house. But before he could read his destination, he witnessed a serious bus-cycle accident on the way. A college student riding a bicycle was knocked down from behind by a bus. At once Dr. Qamar stopped his scooter. He and the nurse gave the student first aid and rushed him to the hospital. He then performed a major brain operation on the student. Because of Qamar’s timely act and his brilliant surgery the student was restored to his normal life. The parents of the student who were very rich forced Dr. Qamar to go abroad at their expense for higher studies. He distinguished himself as a great surgeon and returned home as a great expert. With the help of his patrons, he set up a private charitable hospital and rendered great service to the poor and the needy. In due course, he became a world-famous surgeon.


This is a well-written story and the author has imagination grasp and ideas. He displays initiative and enterprise. The hero has been depicted as a brilliant and capable person with set objectives. He is not put our by temporary obstacles but makes determined efforts with hope and optimism. We find him very industrious and hard-working. He accepts additional responsibilities willingly and cheerfully and enjoys doing extra work. We also find the hero displaying leadership qualities and inspiring others to emulate his example. He extends ready and spontaneous help to others and never hesitates to do his bit to those ore poor, suffering, and needy. In the end, we find the story concluding on a very optimistic and promising note. The author thus displays confidence and determination to make a mark in life. A strong and balanced Personality and selected with distinction.

Javed was a clerk in the Government Office and Hina was a typist in the same office. Although a married man and father of two children, Javed took a great fascination with Hina because of her irresistible beauty. Hina was very proud of her beauty and ability to attract the members of the opposite sex. She was not very much interested in Javed who was only a clerk. But she wanted to enjoy life and when Javed proposed to take her to a picture and then to dinner at a posh restaurant, she accepted the offer. They both cut the office in the afternoon and proceeded to the cinema house on Javed’s scooter. Javed was in a hurry to reach the theatre. He was afraid that someone might see him with Rekha and report it either to his wife or to his officer. While speed on the road, his scooter brushed against a cyclist just as he overtook a bus. The cyclist was thrown on the pavement and the cycle went under the bus wheels. Javed got panicky and drove away from the spot at man turn possible speed without bothering to stop and find out what happened to the cyclist. But the passengers on the bus had noted down his scooter registration number and the police were duly informed. Javed was caught and prosecuted. His guilt was proved and also his secret association with Hina was made public. He was punished for rash driving. He also lost his job on account of his misconduct.


The author of this story appears to be suffering from suppressed emotions. Perhaps he is caught in a difficult situation where opposing interests are dragging him in different directions. We find the hero in the story trying to, fight against his conscience. He lacks determination, courage, and strong will power. This individual will not have the courage to stand by his convictions. In a critical situation, he might back out and prove to be unreliable. We do not find him responsible and dutiful. He cuts the office himself and encourages someone also to do likewise. He thus demonstrates the fact that he places his own self-interest over and above those of the organization. Socially he proves to be selfish. This individual is steeped in negative qualities and his presence will seriously hinder the team. In accomplishing its tasks. Rejected

Kamal was a final year university student. He was a tall, well-built person and had the physique of a boxer. He posed as a tough and reckless type and took to bullying the women students and juniors. He took pride in cutting the classes and often roamed about aimlessly on his. bicycle. Soon he started bullying people outside the university campus area as well while traveling on the bus or cycling on the road. One day he noticed a girl student traveling with a young man. on a scooter. At once he started whistling, hooting, and also began to race with the scooter, on his cycle. The young man on the scooter wanted to avoid an unpleasant scene and hence raised his speed, so that he could leave Kamal behind. But Kamal was all worked up and he also cycled fast blindly while shouting simultaneously at the top of his voice. Just then a bus came behind blowing its horn repeatedly and warning Kamal to give way and clear out of the middle of the road. Kamal in his fury ignored it. The next second he was hit by the bus and violently thrown on the pavement. His head knocked against a stone and he died on the spot.


This story projects a personality who is rash and irresponsible. The hero has been pictured as a man drawn out without brain and character. What is more, he displays definite anti-social qualities and proves to be a great nuisance to others. It is possible that the author is suffering from an inferiority complex and affects a rough a rude exterior to make up his deficiencies. This individual is spurred by emotions and he cannot think calmly and objectively. He lacks foresight and the ability for proper planning and methodical/v action. He (does not have any set goals or objectives and suffers from a lack of proper motivation. We also notice that socially he is rigid and un-accommodative. The story has a negative ending and we observe that to the end the hero (does not make any effort to correct and improve. This individual wills not, therefore, benefit from training. Not selected

Javed a student of Punjab University in M.A .first year was pleasant, cheerful and an active young man .He stood first in the University and scored a distinction in his B.A. and he was now confident of repeating this creditable performance in his MA. Examinations. He was equally good in the sports field and distinguished himself as the champion athlete and hockey player. His residence was about 8 miles away from the college and he went by cycle every day to attend the college. One day as he was proceeding to the college on his cycle, he noticed a young couple on a scooter attempting to take a sudden turn, unaware of the bus approaching at terrific speed from the rear. Javed realized that unless he did something drastic. drew the attention of the driver towards the pavement and made he apply the brakes, there would be a sudden collision resulting in a fatal scooter accident. In a split second his mind was made up. He swiftly moved to the right, came on to the middle of the road, right in front of the bus. Then let the cycle run a few feet on its own he dived towards the pavement. The bus driver jammed his brakes but the cycle was already under its front wheels. However, the bus had served to the left and the coupe on the scooter escaped from being run over. Thus Javed’s bold and courageous act saved two precious lives that day.


The hero of this story has been depicted as an active, dynamic, and imaginative person. He has a noble objective and puts in sustained and hard work to realize his goal. He reveals an adequate urge and interest to go up in life. He is able to make up his mind swiftly and act instantaneously. He boldly accepts great risks and shown remarkable courage in the presence of danger. He rushes 10 the rescue of others in a spirit of sacrifice spontaneously. Even at the cost of risking his own life and certainly knowing that his properly’ would be damaged, he is willing to help others without the expectation of any reward. Thus the candidate confirms that he places the interest of others and the organization over his own. The story hoc an optimistic ending and the hero accomplishes his objective. This well-written story indicates that the author is a highly motivated and intelligent individual, who has the good capacity’ to translate his ideas into action. He is ably suited to play the role of a leader and take his team to victory. Strongly recommended for selection.