Almighty Allah

We worship only one Allah. Allah is one and great. He is the greatest of all. He is the Creator of everything. He has made all things for us.

Allah knows everything. He sees what we do. He hears what we say. He is all-powerful. He is very kind to us. He loves His creation. He can see us but we cannot see Him. He knows even what is in our hearts. He feeds everyone.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His last prophet. He sent his message through him. The Holy Quran is His sacred book. The Quran says that there is only one Allah. He is the master of our life and death.

We all will die but He will live forever. He gave us food to eat. He gave us water to drink and air to breathe. We should thank for His blessings. We should say prayers daily for Allah. Let us pray to Him for each and everything.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is our Holy Prophet. He is the last prophet of Allah. He was born at Makkah in 571 AD. He belonged to a very noble family. His father died before his birth. He was brought up by his grandfather and uncle.

He was made the Prophet of Allah at the age of forty. He preached Islam. He asked people to worship one God. He forbade people to worship idols. “The chiefs of Quraish became his enemy.

They troubled the Holy Prophet. They tortured the Muslims. But the Holy Prophet continued his preaching.

First he preached in Makkah and then migrated to Madina. Allah granted success to the Holy Prophet. A large number of people embraced Islam. Ile entered Makkah again. He delivered his Last Address. He completed his mission. He died in 633 A.D.

His followers are known as Muslims. He was the greatest educator. He did that what he said. All the Muslims love him and follow his teachings. He showed the people the right path. He was a mercy for all the world.

The Holy Quran

The Quran is the holy book of Muslims. It has thirty Paras. It has one hundred and fourteen Surahs. Its sentences are called Ayaats. It is the last book of Allah. Allah sent the Quran through revelation.

The Holy Quran reached us through the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He is the last Prophet of Allah.

The Quran teaches us moral lessons. It shows us the right path. It says that there is only One Allah. We should worship Hine alone. Every Muslim should recite the Holy Quran daily. We should learn its meanings. We should understand its teachings.

We should do what the Quran says. We should follow its teachings. The

Holy Quran is only our true guide.

My Family/My Family

My family is small. We are four members in all. There are my parents, my sister and I. My sister is elder to me. She is in the seventh class. My sister and I go to the same school. We go together on foot. The school is near our house.

My father is in a bank. His bank is in Muslim Town. He goes there by bus. When we are all together; we have a lot of fun. My father tells us many jokes. His jokes are always fresh and new.

My mother is a hit serious. But she also enjoys fun now and then. She is a social worker. She is very popular among women. She is the head of society for women. She loves children. She can be often seen with them. She is always busy.

My parents are loving and kind. They give us everything we want and deserve. Our family is an ideal family. We all cooperate and help each other. We are true Muslims.. We also love our country Pakistan.

Importance of Sports

(Cadet College, Hasan Abdal, Military College,
Jhelum, Sarai Alamgir, WAPDA Cadet College,
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an old saying. Physical fitness is a condition for mental alertness. Good health is the greatest blessing of God. Healthy persons can think properly, act promptly, and work persistently. In the present day world, work is the only way to succeed. An unhealthy person will remain unhappy and dispirited. Games keep us physically fit.

In all the games, some rules must be followed. Those who play foul are not allowed to play. If rules of the game are not observed, games will no longer remain the civilized activities of human beings. Games make us disciplined in thinking and inactions. Discipline among the members of society is of the greatest value. Our animal instincts are brought under control.

Games teach us team spirit. We must play as a team; individual game spoils the chances of victory. Every player cooperates with other players in defeating the other side. If we develop this very team spirit in our daily life, perhaps most of the problems of the world will be solved.

While playing, one has to obey the captain. In the field, the player is not supposed to dispute the decisions of the captain-If the players start disobeying the captain, there will be anarchy in the ground. In life, if we obey parents at home, teachers at schools and the laws of the land, the world will be better.

Defeat should not disappoint us. Games teach us ways to face failure which we come across at an adversary corner.

An Ideal Student

An ideal student is one who is fully conscious of his duties and responsibilities. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. A nation can progress if the students have high ideals before them. A student who scores highly is not necessarily an ideal student. An ideal student believes in simple living and high thinking. He is fearless and bold

enough to face the difficulties of life.

An ideal student lives in accordance with the strict rules of conduct and discipline. He must follow the rules of the school and obey the orders of his teachers. He should select his friends intelligently and wisely. lie knows very well that a single rotten apple spoils the whole basket. An ideal student tries to understand, how much he owes to his parents. He never forgets to look after them when he enters life.

An ideal student is a servant of humanity. He should share the worries and other problems With the members of his family. He should also take a keen interest in social service. Our country needs such students who can serve the nation better. They should be determined to do their duty even at the risk of their lives.

The Season I Like the Most

Winter is the season I like the most. Pakistan has six seasons. Pakistani summer is very hot and uncomfortable. Many people die of sunstroke. The rainy season is muddy and sultry. The spring season is pleasant but short-lasting. Winter season starts in Pakistan by the end of November and lasts till the end of February. As the autumn season ends, the weather turns pleasant in winter. The days are short and nights long. People work hard during the day and enjoy a good rest at night. For me, it is the best time for my studies. During the winter season, I devote maximum time to my studies. Pakistani winters are pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable. I improve my health these days. I feel strong, energetic, and very active. I enjoy morning and evening walk. I enjoy wearing colorful woolen cloths. It is a wonderful time and we go for picnics. During winter, many migratory birds come to Pakistan from far-off lands. It is the best season to visit hill-stations and enjoy snowfall. Last winter, I visited. Murree with my family. It is a paradise for winter lovers. I always look forward to winter and its many joys and comforts.

Problems Faced by – Students in Schools

A school is a place where students get an education. There are many problems that students face in schools. Due to these problems, some students do not like to go to school. The most important problem is physical punishment. In many schools, if a student does not do his work correctly, teachers use the stick.

Teachers punish him in different ways. Punishment discourages students. They hate school and do not continue their education. •

Another problem is the lack of proper facilities. There is no arrangement for clean drinking water. Classrooms are not clean and airy. The furniture is not comfortable. There is no discipline in the classrooms. When the teacher leaves the class the students start shouting. Some naughty students also beat the other students. The classes are overcrowded. Teachers cannot give full attention to ea, and every student. Students have to do a lot of classwork.

Teachers do not check their work properly. A lot of homework is given to the students. Students cannot do their

homework. If the parents are not well educated, then students have to go to the tuition centers to study and do their homework.

Some teachers force the students to study in their tuition centers. There are not proper playgrounds in some schools. Many private schools are in small houses. Students do not get a chance to play during recess.

Unhygienic things are sold in the school tuck-shop. Children become sick after eating these things. There are many vendors outside the schools. When children come out of the schools at the closing of the schools, they buy dirty things from these venders and spoil

There are many other problems faced by students in schools. If these are solved then the majority of students would go to school regularly and will pay full attention to their studies.

A Good Citizen

When we talk about a good citizen, we think about a person who has many good qualities. A good citizen is very hardworking. He always thinks about the welfare of his country and countrymen. A good citizen is very honest. He is always careful about his behavior with others.

A good citizen obeys the laws of his country. He does not do anything which is harmful to his country. He has many responsibilities. He stands by his state under all the conditions. He is always ready to sacrifice everything for his country.

He is very cooperative. He is a patriot. He lives in peace and never quarrels with his neighbors. He respects the culture of his country. He loves heroes, saints, and prophets. He is very sensitive about the traditions of his country. He does not do anything to spoil the good name of his country. A good citizen is aware of the enemies of his country. At the time of the enemy’s attack, he is ready to do everything to. defend his country. He always works for the unity of his country.

He is always ready to help the needy and poor. Ile never wastes his time. He always spends his time in healthy activities. All these good qualities help a person to be a good citizen.

My Idea of a Good  Pakistani

I think that a person who loves his country and countrymen is a good Pakistani. the lie is very responsible. He is very hardworking. He is very punctual. He is very caring. He respects the laws of his country.

A good Pakistani is very dedicated to his country. He performs his duties honestly. a lie never wastes his time. He is always thinking about the welfare of his country. He does not do any harm to his country and his countrymen.

A good Pakistani is very kind-hearted. He is’patriot. He respects the traditions and culture of his country. He wants his country to be prosperous and developed. He is very sincere about his country.

Whenever there is any natural disaster, a good Pakistani stands with his troubled brethren. A good Pakistani cares for feelings and requirements of his family members and his other

countrymen. a lie does not like those people who create disturbance in the country and destroy the national property. He hates criminals. He likes honest and hardworking people. He always prays for the progress of Pakistan. Due to good Pakistanis, a day will come when Pakistan will be a developed country. Long live in Pakistan.

Importance of Television

Cadet College, Kohat

Television is the most important invention of science. Many scientists worked for many years to improve the range of sight. In January 1926, a scientist of England transmitted the pictures by electric wires for the first lime. The modern television is the result of many changes done by various scientists for the next twenty years, Now TV has become the necessity. Almost every house has one or more TV sets. This is due to the importance of TV.

TV programs are of various types. Everybody can watch a program of his choice on TV. TV presents news, views, movies, plays, songs, religious programs, sports programs, and special programs for children and women, We can watch our favorite programs on TV at any I; one of day or night. TV programs are presented for 24 hours. Now nobody gets bored due to the presence of TV. We can enjoy a cricket match, a hockey match or boxing compeqop on our TV. We have no need to go to the grounds to watch different sports. .TV also has educational importance. Many TV programs are presented for students. There are also religious programs, which help the people to

improve their knowledge about their religion.

Housewives can watch programs about cooking. Children can enjoy cartoon programs. Thus, we can say that TV is very important for everybody. Everything has good or bad aspects. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to tell the students and children to get knowledge and entertainment by watching TV. They should not waste their time by watching TV all the time. Parents should not allow their children to watch those programs, which are not suitable for them. Overall TV is useful if used properly.