Pakistan Affairs CSS-2020





L Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi was born in:

(a) 1564 AD                 (13) 1604 AD                        (c) 1563 AD               (d) 1578

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan published the booklet Asbab-e-Baghawat-e-Hind (The Causes of the Indian Revolt) in:

(a) 1857                        (b) 1858                        (c) 1859                     (d) 1865

  1. The total length of Pakistan coastline is:

(a) 570 miles               (b) 650 miles               (c) 700 miles            (d) 750 miles

  1. Pakistan became full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on:

(a) June 9, 2015                 (b) June 9, 2016                 (c) June 9, 2018      (d) June 9 2017

  1. Pakistan conducted nuclear tests on:

(a) May 26, 1996               (b) May 27, 1997        (c) May 28, 1998        (d) None of these

  1. Operation Zarb-e-Azab started on:

(a) June 15, 2014              (b) Jan 5, 2015                    (c) Dec 20, 2014                 (d) None of these

The terror attacks in Mumbai took place in:

(a) Spt. 2008               (b) Oct 2008                           (c) Nov 2008                     (d) Dec 2008

  1. India revoked Article 370 on:

(a) Aug 4, 2019                   (b) Aug 5, 2019                    (c) Aug 6, 2019                    (d) None of these

  1. President assented to the 25th Amendment of the constitution of Pakistan aiming FATA merger into KPk on:

(a) May 24, 2018               (b) May 26, 2018        (c) May 31, 2018                (d) None of these

  1. Which Article of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the right to free and compulsory education to children between the ages of five to sixteen years old?

(a) Article I I              (b) Article 25-A         (c) Article 26               (d) Article 251

  1. Pakistan is currently ranked at __ out of 190 countries in terms of health care
    according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

(a) 118                          (b) 120                           (c) 121                         (d) 122

  1. Who was appointed the first principal of Darul Uloom Deoband?

(a) Maulana Muhammad Oasim             (b) Maulana Mamluk All

(c) Haji Muhammad Abid                               (d) None of these

  1. Which Mughal ruler was contemporary to Queen Elizabeth? (a) Humayun (b) Akbar                           (c) Shah Jahan             (d) None of these


  1. Which was ruling party in Punjab after 1937 elections? (a) Unionist Party (b) Muslim League            (c) Congress                 (d) None of these
  2. Pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by:

(a) Maulana Muhammad All Jouhar                  (b) Allama lqbal

(c) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali                                     (d) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

  1. Which are the aligned years in Pakistan’s foreign policy? (a) 1947-53 (b) 1954-1962 (c) 1963-1972                (d) None of these
  2. The first Muslim general entered victorious in the subcontinent in: (a) 612 AD (b) 812 AD                     (c) 712 AD                       (d) 1206 AD
  3. Based on physiographic factors and causes of diversity in climate, Pakistan is divided is

(a) 2                                (b) 3                          (c) 4                                 (d) 5

  1. The Holy Quran was first translated into Persian by:

(a) Shah Waliullah                                                 (b) Shah Ismail Shaheed

(c) Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi                                 (d) None of these

  1. Dyarchy was first introduced in the Act of: (a) 1909 (b) 1919        (c) 1935                         (d) 1891