Group Discussion

Group discussion is very important for the recruitment of suitable persons in the Defense Forces of Pakistan as well as in the Civil Services of Pakistan. For the recruitment of officers in the Defense Forces of Pakistan the G.T.O. (Group Testing Officer) gives this test to the candidates as one of the various tests given to the candidates at the I.S.S.B., Kohat to assess the suitability of the candidate. While in the civil services, the Federal Public Service Commission gives this test to the prospective candidates to assess their suitability in the various civil services of Pakistan. This test is a sort of public speaking where several members of a group take part. Here each member of the group is to express his opinion on the topic announced by the G.T.O. on the spot. This discussion is not preplanned but is a spontaneous conversation among the members of the group who are strangers to one another. This conversation or discussion can be compared to talk amongst a few persons, enjoying a cup of tea, traveling together in a dining car. Learn How to win Group Discussion.


This test was first introduced for the recruitment of officers in the Army in World War 1. Since then this test has proved its worth for the selection of suitable persons for the Army and has retained its popularity in the Defense Forces recruitment. It is observed that the officers at the various levels especially those of the Armed Forces have to attend various meetings and conferences and are called upon at very short notice to discuss some serious situation and are required to give their quick decision on the spot. This requires the intelligence, alertness, potentiality, and leadership qualities of the officers. For this purpose and to test the potentiality of the candidates, the Inter-Services Selection Board has included Group Discussion in its tests.