General Science and Ability CSS-2014




Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate Box on the Answer Sheet:

  1. Who was the early dentist and also inventor of many surgical instruments

(a) Avicenna                                                                    (b) Al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis)

(c) Ibn al-Haytham                                                         (d) Al-Jahiz

  1. The echo of Big Bang can be heard in the form of:

(a) Cosmic rays                                                             (b) Gamma rays

(c) Microwave radio signals                                 (d) Infrared radiations

. Omar Khayyam was a:

(a) Poet                               (b) Mathematician            (c) Astronomer                 (d) All of these

  1. Who was the first Muslim mathematician who used “Zero”?

(a) Ahmad ibn al-Baitar                                                (b) lbn Rusted

(c) Ibn al-Haytham                                                          (d) Al Khwarizmi

  1. Why some nebulae shine?

(a) Because they emit light                                          (b) Due to burning process

(c) Because they contain bright stars                         (d) Because they reflect light

  1. A shooting star is:

(a) Sun                                (b) A comet                        (c) A meteor                     (d) An asteroid

A ‘clinical death’ takes place when:

(a) There is no pulse                                                       (b) There is no heartbeat

  1. The major cause of land pollution is:

(a) Pesticides                                                                   (b) Chemical fertilizers

(c) Insecticides                                                                 (d) All of these

  1. The sharp-bitter taste of unripe fruits is due to high concentration of:

(a) Phenolic compounds                                             (b) Volatile compounds

(c) Organic acids                                                            (d) Starch

  1. The use of antibiotic is a very effective way of killing disease causing bacteria. Sometim people don’t finish all of their pills. This can result in:
  • Some bacteria left unkilled
  • Production of more bacteria
  • Bacteria is becoming sensitive to antibiotic
  • Bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics
  1. Flesh Caters are called:

(a) Omnivores                    (b) Carnivores               (c) Herbivores                   (d) Scavengers

  1. Chromosomes arc made up of:

(a) DNA only                                                                  (b) DNA and RNA

(c) Proteins only                                                             (d) DNA, RNA and Proteins only

  1. Plants can be made disease resistant by:

(a) Heat treatment                                                            (b) Hormone treatment

(c) Cinnanomum treatment                                         (d) Breeding with their wild relatives

  1. Important ingredient used in vicks vapor rub is obtained from the plant:

(a) Cinanomum camphora                                       (b) Cinnamomum zeylanicum

(c) Curcuma                                                                      (d) All of these

  1. Which of the following is both endocrine and exocrine gland?

(a) Thyroid                          (b) Pancreas                    (c) Parathyroid                 (d) All of these

.The rocess D which c small amount of i

  1. The quickest, most readily available source of energy for the body is:

(a) Protein                          (b) Carbohydrate           (c) Lipid                             (d) Vitamins

  1. The sum of the kinetic energy and potential energy of an oscillating body is:

(a) Maximum in the beginning                                    (b) Constant at all points

(c) Maximum at midway of the path                          (d) Minimum in the beginning

  1. Which term in psychology is generally used to refer to emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and phobia?

(a) Psyches                         (b) Hypnosis                     (c) Neurosis                     (d) Mental illness

  1. All Alkali metals react with water to form:

(a) Oxides                          (b) Peroxides                     (c) Hydroxides                (d) Hyper oxides

  1. LASER is an acronym for:
  • Light amplification by standard emission of light
  • Light absorption stimulated entrance of radiation
  • Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
  • Light absorption by standard emission of radiation
  1. If carbon dioxide is passed through lime water for a long time, the cloudy white colour (initially formed) disappears because of the formation of:

(a) Calcium bicarbonate                                                (b) Calcium hydroxide

(c) Calcium carbonate                                                    (d) Calcium Sulphate

  1. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of:

(a) Calcium bicarbonate                                             (b) Magnesium bicarbonate

(c) Calcium sulphate                                                    (d) Sodium bicarbonate

  1. Articles made of copper and bronze slowly tarnish in air and turn green; the green colour

is Au. +4, filn frtrmntinn nf•

  1. The minimum number of bits required to store hexadecimal number AF is: (a) 2 (b) 4               (c) 8                (d) 16
  2. Which of the following minerals is most resistant to chemical weathering? (a) Olivine (b) tLar-U     (c) Hornblende                   (d) Potassium feldspar
  3. If an igneous rock cuts across a sedimentary rock, we know that the igneous rock is:

(a) Older than the sedimentary rock                           (b) Younger than the sedimentary rock

(c) The same age as the sedimentary rock                 (d) A minimum of 1.2 million years old

  1. The discipline which deals with the understanding and treatment of mental health is called:

(a) Applied psychology                                               (b) Clinical psychology

(c) Psychoanalysis                                                          (d) Psychiatry

  1. Overcooking of food should be avoided because’overcooking:

(a) Makes the food difficult to digest                       (b) Makes the food

(c) Increase the nutritive value of food                      (d) Reduces the nutritive value of food

  1. Optical fibre operates on the principle of:

(a) Tyndall effect                                                             (b) Photoelectric effect

(c) Laser technology                                                       (d) Total internal reflection

  1. The sensation of the skin is perceived by:

(a) Epidermis                    (b) The dermis                   (c) Endodermis                (d) None of these

  1. The loudness ofsound depends on its:

(a) Wavelength                  (b) Frequency                    (c) Amplitude                  (d) All of these

  1. A prison standing in front of a mirror finds his image smaller than him and erect. This implies that the mirror is:

(a) Plane                              (b) Concave                      (c) Convex                        (d) Not of good quality

The densities of three liquids are D, 2D, 3D. What will be the density –` “