General Science and Ability CSS-2004




  • Choose the best choice in the following statements:
  1. The three elements needed for healthy growth plants are:

(a) N, P, K                           (b) N, C, P                          (c) N, K, C                           (d) N, S, P

  1. The most abundant element in the human body is:

(a) Carbon                         (b) Hydrogen                     (c) Oxygen                        (d) Nitrogen

  1. Ammonium nitrate is not used for:

(a) Rice crop                     (b) Wheat crop                  (c) Sugarcane crop           (d) Cotton crop

  1. Sea divers use a mixture of gases for breathing during diving. The mixture is

(a) 80% He and 20%02                                               (b) 80% N2 and 20 02

(c) 20%02 and 40% N2 40% CO2                           (d) 50% He and 50% 02

  1. Which one of the following is not a water soluble Vitamin?

(a) Niacin                           (b) Ascorbic acid             (c) Retinol                        (d) Riboflavin

  1. Which of the following enzymes bring about hydrolysis of fats?

(a) Urease                           (b) Zymase                         (c) Maltase                          (d) Lipase

  1. The solution of which acid is used for seasoning of food?

(a) Formic acid                  (b) Acetic acid                  (c) Benzoic acid               (d) Botanic acid

  1. Influenza is caused by:

(a) Fungi                             (b) Bacteria                       (c) Virus                           (d) Protozoa

  1. The blood glucose level is raised by the following except:

(a) Carbohydrates            (b) Cholesterol                 (c) Insulin                        (d) Epinephrine

  1. The energy possessed by water in a dam is: (a) Electrical energy (b) Kinetic energy (c) Potential energy (d) Mechanical energy
  • Name the following:
  • The desert mammal which does not drink water. (Kangaroo Rat)
  • The mixture which can dissolve Platinum. (Aqua Regia)
  • The constituent elements of Bronze. (Tin and Copper)
  • The vitamin whose deficiency causes a disease called Beri Beri. (Thiamine (B 1.)
  • The electrical device which transform voltage. (Transformer)

(1)                         A nuclear reaction in which two or more than two lighter nuclear are fused together to form a

relatively heavier one. (Nuclear fusion)

(g) The purest naturally occurring crystalline form of carbon. (Diamond)

The hormone secreted by adrenal cortex. (Aldosterone)

The three colours combination which produces the sensation of white light. (Red, green and blue) The defect of vision because of which a person cannot see distant objects clearly. (Myopia or Short­sightedness)

J Which of the following statements are true or false:

  • A six feet tall lady can see her full image in a three feet plain mirror. (True)
  • Vanadium, a steel gray corrosion resistant metal occur naturally in oxide state. (True)
  • Fibre Optics Cable carries data in the form of light. (True)
  • Blue flame is hotter than red flame. (True)
  • The falling of yellow leaves during autumn is the seasonal time for plants to get rid of accumulated (True)
  • Friction is necessary (True)
  • There are 9.5 x 1015 m in one light year. (True)
  • The velocity of a moving object is least where the pressure is greatest. (True)
  • Heat reaches earth from the sun by means of convection. (False)
  • Meningitis is an inflammation of the liver. (False)

Fill in the blanks.

  • The largest planet of solar system is . (Jupiter)
  • The temperature of the dead human body on Celsius scale is___ (Room temperature)
  • For a long jump two things are taken into account: angle with which one jumps and__ . (Speed)
  • The number of the spinal nerves in the man is____ (31)
  • A primary cell can be charged again. (Not)
  • Halos around the moon are formed because of the phenoment‘n of_ . (Refraction of light)
  • Scattering of light_____ the duration of the day. (Determines)
  • Muscle stiffness is caused by a disease called____ . (Tetanus)
  • Oil rises in a wick of oil lamp on account of a property of matter called___ . (Capillary action)
  • Muslim scientist All al Tabari is famous for his work on____ . (Biology and medicine)