General Science and Ability CSS-2003




  • Choose the best option/answer
  1. Enzymes are organic catalysts made up of:

(a) Carbohydrate              (b) Proteins                        (c) Fats                               (d) Nucleic Acid

  1. A nanometre is:

(a) 10-3 meters                   (b) 10-6 meters                   (c) 10-9 meters                  (d) 10-12 meter

  1. The minimum speed of a Pentium II computer is:

(a) 133 Mhz                       (b) 233 Mhz                       (c) 333 Mhz                       (d) 433 Mhz

  1. According to recent classifications, the living organisms are divided into number of kingdoms:

(a) 2                                      (b) 3                                      (c) 4                                     (d) 5

  1. Glycolysis is a process•of:

(a) Photosynthesis          (b) Reproduction              (c) Transpiration              (d) Respiration

  1. The Unit that coordinates different devices of Computer system is:

(a) ALU                              (b) Register                       (c) Control Unit             (d) Logical Instruction

  1. Seed is technically:

(a) Ripened Ovule                                                         (b) Carpel

(c) Ripened Ovary                                                           (d) Mature pollen grain

  1. ADH is a hormone secreted by:

(a) Anterior pituitary (b) Posterior pituitary (c) Adrenal Cortex                (d) Adrenal Medulla

  1. The number of natural satellites orbiting around the Mars is:

(a) I                                      (b) 2                                      (c) 5                                     (d) 14

  1. Permian Period belongs to:

(a) Palaeozoic era           (b) Mesozoic era               (c) Cainozoic era               (d) Precambrian era

  • Name the following:
  • The instrument used for the measurement of blood pressure. (Sphygmomanometer)
  • A mammal which can fly. (Bat)
  • A disease which is more common in men than in women and is hereditary in character. (Colour Blindness)
  • One endangered animal species of Pakistan. (Snow leopard/ Blind Dolphin)
  • An ore of mercury. (Cinnabar)
  • A Cyanobacterium. (Blue green algae)
  • A hormone secreted by pancreas. (Insulin)
  • The nuclear reaction taking place on the surface of sun (Fusion reaction)
  • The scientist who discovered Sulfuric Acid. (Jabir bin Hayan)
  • The constituent elements of brass. (Copper and Zinc)
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • The conversion of non-diffusible substances into diffusible ones by the action of enzymes is called
    ______ . (Digestion)
  • Diamond is the purest naturally occurring crystalline form of___ . (Carbon)
  • Caustic soda is extensively used for making_____ . (Soap)
  • When a person can see nearer objects but not the distant ones he is said to be suffering from . (Nearsightedness)
  • Marble is___ (Metamorphic)
  • Curie is a unit of . (Radioactivity)
  • The brown colour of rust is because of____ . (Oxidation)
  • The movement of food through esophagus is by the muscular action known as. (Peristalsis)
  • Granite is a form of (Igneous rock)
  • is the main chemical substance in the plant cell wall. (Cellulose)
  • ___ was first discovered by Robert Brown. (Cell Nucleus)
  • Which of the following statements are true and which are false:
  • Right kidney in man is slightly lower in position than the left kidney. (True)
  • Light is not visible. (False)
  • Steel is more elastic than rubber (True)
  • Pitch of man’s voice is greater than that of woman. (False)
  • Diastolic blood pressure is greater than systolic blood pressure. (False)
  • Base metal can be converted into gold by heating. (False)
  • Guava contains more vitamins C than orange. (True)
  • A light year is a unit of time. (False)
  • Mercury is heavier than lead. (True)
  • Movement of tectonic plates may cause eruption of a volcano. (True)