English (Precis and Composition) CSS-2020




  • Choose the word that is nearly most similar in meaning.
1.   Guile      
  (a) Slyness (b) Decency (c) Blame (d) Mad
2.   Essay      
  (a) Direct (b) Compose (c) Attempt (d) Effort
3.   Inception      
  (a)      Incision (b) Unending (c) Beginning (d) Growth
4.   Expatriate      
  (a) Emigrant (b) Displaced (c) Infirm (d) Male
5.   Sinister      
  (a) Malevolent (b) Sinful (c) Ill-famed (d) Occult
6.   Contraption      
  (a) Intrigue (b) Device (c)        Sticker (d) Trend
7.   Animosity      
  (a) Friendly (b) Flow (c) Ennq.ii (d) Vanity
8.   Condone      
  (a) Trap (b) Overlook (c) Conform (d) Desist
9.   Plagiarism      
  (a) Copy (b) Piracy (c) Deviance (d) Plague
10.                    Impeachment      
  (a) Indictment (b) Castigation (c) Contempt (d) Charge
Choose the world that is nearly most opposite in meaning  
1.   Eternity      
  (a) Heaven (b) Transience (c) Mundane (d) Abstract
2.   Pandemonium      
  (a) Platforni (b)tlie.__Iide (c) Confusion (d) Tension
3.   Relinquish      
  (a) Assume (b) Confer (c) Leave (d) Throw
4.   Henpecked      
  (a) Meek (b) Assertive (c) Obedient (d) Rebel


5. Consistency      
  (a)Anomaly l (b) Constant (c) Regularity (d) Errant
6. Laudable      
  (a) Extol (b) Unworthy (c) Ignorance (d) Praise
7. Exaggeration      
  (a) Fabricate (b) Understate (c) Confab (d) Curse
8. Extempore      
  (a) Sudden (b) Prepared (c)        Imprint (d) Frenzy
9. Hypothetical      
  (a) Unreal (b) Unsound (c) Actual (d) Vague
10. Pooh-pooh      
  (a) Ridicule (b) Reprehend (c) Ravage (d) Praise


CI Correct the following sentences:

  • I won him in the race.
  • He said that I am playing chess.
  • Unless you do not try, you will never succeed.
  • He wrote with ink.
  • What country he belongs to?

(1) When he reaches to manhood, he will visit to England.

  • The new session commences from February Ist, 2020.
  • Please send this letter on my address.


  • I won against him in the race.
  • He said that he was playing chess.
  • Unless you try, you will never succeed.
  • He wrote in ink.
  • Which country does he belong to?
  • When he reaches to adulthood, he will visit England.
  • The new session commences on February Ist, 2020.
  • Please send this letter to my address.

U Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:

1. To break the ice 2. Nip in the bud
3. See eye to eye with 4. For good
5. Tamper with 6. The small hours
7. Keep up appearances 8. Prima facie


  1. To break the ice

Meaning: to say or do something that makes people feel more relaxed, especially at the beginning of a meeting, party, etc.

Use in sentence: Aslam suggested that we play a party game to break the ice.

  1. Nip in the bud

Meaning: to stop something before it has an opportunity to become established

Use in sentence: Many serious illnesses can be nipped in the bud if they are diagnosed earl enough.

  1. See eye to eye with

Meaning: to agree with someone

Use in sentence: The ruling party and the opposition don’t see eye to eye on most things.

  1. For good

Meaning: permanently

Use in sentence: This time she is leaving the country for good.

  1. Tamper with

Meaning: to make changes to something without permission, especially in order to damage it Use in sentence: Someone had obviously tampered with the brakes of my car.

  1. The small hours

Meaning: the early hours of the morning, between twelve o’clock at night and the time when the sun rises

Use in sentence: Ali and Hamza danced until the small hours of the night.

  1. Keep up appearances

Meaning: to hide the truth about a bad situation and pretend that everything is going well

Use in sentence: They were very unhappily married but kept up appearances for the sake of their children.

  1. Prima facie

Meaning: based on what seems correct to be truth, when first seen or heard.

Use in sentence: The commission says the report provides prima facie evidence of media racism.