English (Precis and Composition) CSS-2018




  • Choose the word that is nearly most similar in meaning.
1.    SNIPPET            ‘      
  (a) Whole (b) Full (c) Era 1gilent (d) All in all
2.    PUMMEL      
  (a) Compliment (b) Tap (c) Approve (d) Bash
3.    INSUPERABLE      
  (a) Invincible (b) Surmountable (c) Conquerable (d) Hostile
4.    CRUDE .      
  (a) Refined (b) Moral (c) Decent (d) Untreated
5.    CAGEY      
  (a) Frank (b) Reticent (c) Naive (d) Open
6.    BALEFUL      
  (a) Benevolent (b) Malign (c) Honest (d) Friendly
7.    LAX      
  (a) Slack (b) Stern (c) Scornful (d) Nasty
8.    MESH      
  (a) Disengage (b) Withdraw (c) Break (d) Interlock
9.    PLACID      
  (a) Temperamental (b) Tranquil (c) Stormy (d) Excitable
10.                    ZEALOT      
  (a) Moderate (b) Nonpartisan (c) Fanatic (d) Unbiased
Choose the world that is nearly most opposite in meaning.  
1.    INCEPTION      
  (a) Commencement (b) Foundation (c) Conclusion (d) Inauguration
2.    PICKET      
  (a) Conformist (b) Protester (c) Demonstrator (d) Lazy
3.    DISGORGE      
  (a) Discharge (b) Emit (c) Evacuate (d) Retain
4.    LAPSE      
  (a) Interval (b) Strengthen (c) Decline (d) Blunder


5.    HERESY      
  (a) Hat_           j):ylon (b) Blasphemy (c) Nonconformity (d) Dissension
6.    UNFAZED      
  (a) Calm (b) Relaxed (c) Baffled (d) Confident
7.  UNDERLING      
  (a) Superior Servant (c)   Inferior (d) Subordinate
8.    SLACK      
  (a) Inefficient (b) Incompetent (c) Meticulous (d) Lax
9.    THWART      
  (a)        Facilitate (b) Prevent (c) Oppose (d) Frustrate
10.                    TIFF      
  (a) Clash (b) Dispute (c) Disagreement (d) Reconciliation


❑ Correct the following sentences:

  • They only work when they have no money.
  • They left the hotel here they had been staying in a motor-car.
  • I cannot by no means allow you to do so.
  • My friend said he never remembered having read a more enjoyable book.
  • Going up the hill, an old temple was seen.
  • One day the bird did not perform certain tricks which had thought it to his satisfaction.
  • I was rather impressed by the manner of the orator than by his matter.
  • What an awful weather!


  • They work only when they have no money.
  • In a motor-car, they left the hotel where they had been staying.
  • I can by no means allow you to do so.
  • My friend said he did not remember having read a more enjoyable book.
  • Going up the hill, we saw an old temple.
  • One day the bird did not perform to his satisfaction certain tricks which he had taught it.
  • I was impressed rather by the manner of the orator than by his matter.
  • What an awesome weather!

Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:

1. Show and tell 2. Helter-skelter
3. To the death 4. Tilt at windmills
5. Het up 6. The whole ball of wax
7. It’s about time 8. Punch-up
  1. Show and tell-Cfl) (Pt)

Meaning: a public display or demonstration

Use in sentence: I caught black snakes and took them to school for show-and-tell.

  1. Helter-skelter
    Meaning: in disorderly haste or confusion

Use in sentence: Some 200 people ran helter-skelter when police raided the area.

  1. To the death
    Meaning: until dead

Use in sentence: They would probably fight to the death to defend Asim.

  1. Tilt at windmills

Meaning: attacking imaginary enemies

Use in sentence: I’ve wasted too much of my life tilting at windmills.

  1. Het up —

Meaning: angry and agitated

Use in sentence: Her husband is all het up about something.

  1. The whole ball of wax — Meaning: everything

Use in sentence: There’s nothing more to tell you. That’s the whole ball of wax.

  1. It’s about time
    Meaning: it should have occurred a long time ago

Use in sentence: It’s about time you got here. I’ve been waiting for over an hour!

  1. Punch-up — (IA)

Meaning: a fistfight, a brawl

Use in sentence: The quarrel ended in a punch-up.

❑ Use five of the following pairs of words in sentences: (i)                Callous, Callus                   (ii)                                        Born, Borne

  • Faint, Feint (iv) Dinghy, Dingy

(v)         Lose, Loose                                                    (vi) Waiver, Waver

(vii) Shear, Sheer                                                      (viii) Resister, Resistor

  • Callous:

Meaning: harsh, cruel, ruthless

Use in sentence: His callous comments about the murder made me shiver. Callus:

Meaning: a thickened and hardened part of the skin

Use in sentence: His hands are soft and have only mild calluses from playing guitar.

  • Born:

Meaning: existing as a result of birth

Use in sentence: Ali was born in Lahore.


Meaning: carried or transported by the thing specified

Use in sentence: Dengue, malaria and chikungunya are vector-borne diseases.

  • Faint:

Meaning: possible but unlikely; slight

Use in sentence: There is a faint chance that the enemy may flee.


Meaning: any distracting or deceptive manoeuvre (as a mock attack)

Use in sentence: The boxer made a feint with his right and then followed with a left hook.

  • Dinghy:

Meaning: a small inflatable rubber boat

Use in sentence: His group set off aboard a rubber dinghy, but was never heard from again.


Meaning: shabby, squalid

Use in sentence: On a cold, foggy night, I walked out a dingy hotel in handcuffs.

  • Lose:

Meaning: be deprived of, suffer the loss of, no longer have Use in sentence: She was very upset about losing her job.


Meaning: not tight; not closely constrained

Use in sentence: The large shoes were very loose.

  • Waiver:

Meaning: renunciation, surrender, repudiation

Use in sentence: They give consent to waiver of their subrogation rights.


Meaning: falter, wobble, tremble

Use in sentence: His voice wavered with a hint of uncertainty.

  • Shear:

Meaning: cut off (something such as hair, wool, or grass), with scissors or shears Use in sentence: The sheep are sheared and their wool sold.


Meaning: to deviate from a course

Use in sentence: The car sheered to avoid hitting the dog.

  • Resister:

Meaning: someone who offers opposition

Use in sentence: My fellow resisters and I brought our spirit of resistance to the prison system.


Meaning: a.device designed to introduce resistance into an electric circuit

Use in sentence: Resistors are used to step up or lower the voltage at different points in a circuit.