English (Precis and Composition) CSS-2016




  • Choose the word that is nearly most similar in meaning.
1.    NABOB      
  (a) Emig (b) Doubter (c)       Frolic (d) Converse
2.    PALL      
  (a) Light (b) Satiate (c) Carry (d) Horror
3.    SACROSANCT      
  (a) Prayer (b) Sanctuary (c) Pious (d) Sacred
4.    LOUCHE      
  (a) Gauche (b) Fine (c)      Brilliant (d) Indecent
5.    STENTORIAN      
  (a) Violent (b) Misbegotten (c) Loud (d) Stealthy
6.    LOQUACIOUS      
  (a) Talkative (b) Thirsty (c) Beautiful (d) Complicated
7.    CHIMERA      
  (a) Chimney (b) Protest (c)  Illusion (d) Panache
8.    TEMERITY      
  (a) Audacity (b) Fearfulness (c) Shyness (d) Stupidity
9.    PROPINQUITY      
  (a) Habit (b) Nearness (c) Capacity (d) Tendency
10.                    VOCIFEROUS      
  (a) Numerous (b) Bountiful (c) Strident (d) Garrulous
Choose the world that is nearly most opposite in meaning.  
1.    GERMANE      
  (a) Irrelevant (b) Indifferent (c) Impartial (d) Improvident
2.    IRASCIBLE      
  (a) Determined (b) Placid (c) Reasonable (d) Pliant
3.    APPROBATE      
  (a) Ingratitude (b) Condemn (c) Dissatisfaction (d) Master
4.    SUPERCILIOUS      
  (a) Unimportant (b) Relevant (c) Serious (d) Meek


(d) Inane

(d) Prescient (d) Homespun (d) Marsupial (d) Tardy

(d) Simian

5.    FATUOUS    
  (a) Crafty (b) Frugal (c) Sensible
6.    QUIESCENT    
  (a) Lackadaisical (b) Active (c) Dull
7.    SARTORIAL    
  (a) Cheerful (h) Sincere (c) Inelegant
8.    MATUTINAL    
  (a) Paternal (b) Crepuscular (c) Maritime
  (a) Wealthy (b) Cautious (c) Hungary
10.                    SAPIENT    
  (a) Hunched (b) Strong (c) Simple


U Choose the analogy of the words written in capital letters.

(d) Mimicry : tears

(a) Fallacy : dismay (b) Genre : mystery             (c) Satire : anger

(b) Induction : amelioration

(d) Marginalization : intimidation

(b) Inventor : imaginative (d) Overseer ; wealthy

(e) H9rror : fear

  1. CONVICTION : INCARCERATION (a) Reduction : diminution

(c) Radicalization : estimation

(e) Proliferation : alliteration

  1. PROFESSOR : ERUDITE (a) Aviator : licensed

(c) Procrastinator : conscientious (e) Analogy : comparison

Nuance : song        (d) Slang : usage

Furrier : rambunctious Shepherd : garrulous

Devotion : reverence Eminence : anonymity

Tissue : organ         (d) Blood : vein

(a) Pentameter : poem (b) Rhythm : melody (c) (e) Analogy : comparison


(a) Accountant : meticulous                                      (b)

(c) Lawyer : ironic                                                         (d)

(e) Astronaut : opulent


(a) Loyalty : duplicity                                                 (b)

(c) Intensity : colour                                                     (d)

(e) Generosity : elation


(a) Radius : bone           (b) Brain : nerve                (c)

(e) Scalpel : incision


(a) Fallible : cantankerous                                          (b) Erasable : obtuse

(c) Malleable : limpid                                                     (d) Capable : inept
(e) Incorrigible : guilty

  • Correct only five of the following:
  • We were staying at my sister’s cape’s code vacation home.
  • She recommended me that I take a few days off from work.
  • I tried to explain him the problem, but he had difficulty understanding me.
  • I’ll do the grocery shopping for you grandma, Lucy said.
  • We took a tent, a cooler, and a sleeping bag.

(1) I don’t know why you didn’t go. If I were you, I should have gone.

  • Kevin says he stopped to travel internationally because of his family.
  • Don’t run! Mr. Salman shouted.


  • We were staying at my sister’s Cape Cod vacation home.
  • She recommended that I take a few days off from work.
  • I tried to explain the problem to him, but he had difficulty understanding me.
  • “I’ll do the grocery shopping for you grandma”, Lucy said.
  • We took tent, cooler and a sleeping bag.
  • I don’t know why you didn’t go. If I were you, I would have gone.
  • Kevin says he stopped travelling internationally because of his family.
  • Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:
1. Smash hit 2. Murphy’s law
3. Place in the Sun 4. Wooden spoon
5. Go bananas 6. Beard the Lion in his den
7. Groan inwardly 8. Chicken out
  1. Smash hit

Meaning: a song, play, movie, that is very popular

Use in sentence: Her first book was a smash hit. The second was a disaster.

  1. Murphy’s Law

Meaning: humorous axiom stating that anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Use in sentence: I am a great believer in Murphy’s Law what can go wrong will go wrong.

  1. Place in the Sun

Meaning: a dominant or favourable position or situation

Use in sentence: The Nobel laureates really enjoyed their place in the sun.

  1. Wooden spoon

Meaning: an imaginary prize given to the person or team if they finish last in a race or competition

Use in sentence: Our college team took the wooden spoon in the inter-collegiate tournament this year.

  1. Go bananas

Meaning: to become extremely angry or excited

Use in sentence: She’ll go bananas when you tell her the news.

  1. Beard the Lion in his den

Meaning: to visit an important person in order to tell or ask them something unpleasant

Use in sentence: I ‘ m going to beard the lion in his den tomorrow, and ask him plainly why he had not increased my salary.

  1. Groan inwardly — (ex …•..4°)

Meaning: Feel dismayed by something but remain silent

Use in sentence: Why does the thought of eating worms make me groan inwardly?

  1. Chicken out — (ex .1)i””) – el 4)

Meaning: to decide not to do something because one is afraid Use in sentence: You’re not going to chicken out, are you?

U Use five of the following pairs of words in sentences:

(i)            adverse, averse                                            (ii)               altogether, all together

  • allude, elude (iv) braise, braze

(v)         curb, kerb                                                         (vi) faze, phase

(vii) maybe, may be                                                  (viii) moat, mote

  • Adverse:

Meaning: having a negative or harmful effect on something

Use in sentence: The match has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.


Meaning: strongly disliking or opposed to

Use in sentence: Few MPs are averse to the attention of the media.

  • Altogether:

Meaning: completely, entirely                         .

Use in sentence: When he first saw the examination questions, he was altogether baffled.

All together:

Meaning: in a group

Use in sentence: The wedding guests were gathered all together in the garden.

  • Allude:

Meaning: to make indirect reference

Use in sentence: He alluded to the problem but did not mention it.


Meaning: to evade or escape from

Use in sentence: The thief eluded the police.

  • Braise:

Meaning: fry (food) lightly and then stew it slowly in a closed container Use in sentence: He braised the beef in a wine sauce.


Meaning: form, fix, or join by soldering with an alloy of copper and zinc at high temperature Use in sentence: Each joint is turned up tightly and well pinned or brazed.

  • Kerb:

Meaning: the edge of a raised path nearest the road Use in sentence: She tripped over the kerb.


Meaning: to control or to limit

Use in sentence: We must curb our spending next month.

  • Faze:

Meaning: to disturb, bother, or embarrass, to disrupt the composure of Use in sentence: Fireworks did not faze the sleeping baby.


Meaning: any distinct time period in a sequence of events

Use in sentence: The reaction occurs in the liquid phase of the system.

  • Maybe

Meaning: an adverb meaning “perhaps” or “possibly” Use in sentence: Maybe I will go out tonight.

May be:

Meaning: A verb phrase meaning “might be” or “could he.” Use in sentence: I may be going out tonight.

  • Moat

Meaning: a thin stream of water that completely surrounds right

Use in sentence: Since the dragon could not swim, he dared not cross the moat to any window or door of the castle.


Meaning: a tiny piece of a substance; a speck.

Use in sentence: A small mote of glass entered my foot. so tiny that I wasn’t able to pull it out without tweezers.