English (Precis and Composition) CSS-2015




  • Choose the word that is nearly similar in meaning to the word in capital letters.
1.    FLAGRANT      
  (a) Expensive (b) Common (c)        Clerical (d) Glaring
2.    IMMINENT      
  (a) Important (b) Historical (c) Impending (d) Inopportune
3.    ASTUTE      
  (a) Tedious (b) Illogical (c) Aggressive (d) Shrewd
4.    AVERSE      
  (a) Eager (b) Reluctant (c)              Willing (d) Unresponsive
5.    PROGNOSIS      
  (a) Offering (b) Prediction (c) Warning (d) Advance
6.    PUNGENT      
  (a) am (b) Disagreeable (c) Smoky (d) Anesthetizing
7.  FIDUCIARY      
  (a) Trustee (b) Assistant (c) Notary (d) Attorney
8.    PHILANDERING      
  (a) Spending (b) Exaggerating (c) Wandering (d) None of these
9.    POIGNANT      
  (a) Precious (b) Tender (c) Intense (d) Sorrowful
10.                    CONTINGENT      
  (a) Conditional (b) Questionable (c) Argued (d) Rejected


  • Choose the works.that is nearly most opposite in meaning to the word in capital
1.    VETERAN      
  (a) Niarice (b) Pious (c)      Intellectual (d) Debutante
2.    IMPORTANT      
  (a) Trivial (b) Clear (c) Turning (d) Wavy
3.    IRREGULAR      
  (a) Erratic (b) Prevailing (c)          Difficult (d) Enticing
4.    SPENDING      
  (a) Sober (b) Mute (c) Revenue (d) Spendthrift


5.    CLUMSY      
  (a) Foolish (b) Inept (c)            Infer (d) Dexterous
6.    LAUDED      
  (a) Disparage (b) Applaud (cl Settle (d) Hesitate
7.    COWARDLY      
  (a) Brave (b) Poor (c) Master (d) Ignorant
8.    PRAISE      
  (a) Censure (b) Tickle (c) Acclaim (d) Skip
9.    CONFUSE      
  (a) Lucid (b) Extraordinary (c)           Dirty . (d) Muddle
10.                    NEGLECT      
  (a) Omit (b) Destroy (c) Mistake (d) Nourish


CI Correct the following sentences

  • Have either of you seen my pen?
  • On attempting to restore the picture to its original condition, almost irreparable change was
  • This child is the prettiest of the two.
  • I was annoyed arriving late, also his rather insolent manner put me out of temper.
  • He is anxious not only to acquire knowledge, but also eager to display it.
  • If he was here now, we should have no difficulty.
  • Due to unforeseen environments, we shall have to leave early.
  • People have and still do disagree on this matter.


  • Has either of you seen my pen?
  • Upon attempting to restore the picture to its original condition, almost irreparable change was
  • This child is the prettier of the two.
  • I was annoyed at his arriving late, furthermore his rather insolent manner put me out of temper.
  • He is not only anxious to acquire knowledge, but also eager to display it.
  • If he were here now, we would have no difficulty.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have to leave early.
  • People have been disagreeing on this matter.

CI Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:

1. Itching palm 2. The primrose path
3. Break one’s fall 4. Wash one’s hands of
5. To become reconcile to 6. To militate against
7. To be cognizant of 8. Wages of sin


  1. Itching palm –

Meaning: a desire for money; greed; avarice

Use in sentence: Whenever he sees expensive luggage, the hotel doorman gets an itching palm.

  1. The primrose path

Meaning: an easy and pleasant life; a self-indulgent or hedonistic life

Use in sentence: Unaware of his doom, he continued down his primrose path.

  1. Break one’s fall

Meaning: interrupt a tumble or descent

Use in sentence: When old lady slipped on the ice, a snow bank broke her fall otherwise she might get more injuries.

  1. Wash one’s hands of

Meaning: disclaim responsibility for

Use in sentence: The prime minister cannot wash hands of the Panama Leaks scandal.

  1. To become reconcile to

Meaning: to accept or be resigned to something not desired

Use in sentence: Afzal became reconciled to Safdar.

  1. To militate against

Meaning: to make it difficult for something to happen

Use in sentence: These fundamental differences will militate against the two communities coming together.

  1. To be cognizant of

Meaning: having knowledge or awareness

Use in sentence: Statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work.

  1. Wages of sin (21 Keel

Meaning: the results or consequences of evildoing

Use in sentence: Disasters are the wages of sin.

❑ Use five of the following pairs of words in sentences: (i)                plaintiff, plaintive             (ii)                                        valet, varlet

(iii) monitor, mentor                                                  (iv) complacent, complaisant

(v)          penitence, penance                                        (vi) crevice, crevasse
(vii) beneficent, beneficial

(i)                  Plaintive:

Meaning: expressive of suffering or woe

Use in sentence: We could hear the plaintive cry of a wounded animal in the woods.


Meaning: a person who brings a legal action

Use in sentence: The judge decided against the plaintiff.

  • Valet:

Meaning: a man’s male servant who performs personal services (as taking care of clothing) Use in sentence: The valet opened the door, and he dropped into the passenger seat. Varlet:

Meaning: an attendant or servant; a king’s personal male attendant

Use in sentence: At one time he took service with a minstrel and was his varlet.

  • Monitor:

Meaning: observer

Use in sentence: The monitor in November reported that more than 10 percent of the population uses Facebook in 51 countries.


Meaning: adviser

Use in sentence: Bad publicity surrounding Hasan’s mentor may rebound to Saleh’sembarrassment.

  • Complacent:

Meaning: pleased, especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc.

Use in sentence: The unofficial rules that had kept Democrats in the majority with a complacent Republican minority were changing.


Meaning: inclined or disposed to please; obliging; agreeable or gracious; compliant Use in sentence: The most complaisant child I’ve ever met.

  • Penitence:

Meaning: the action of feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong

Use in sentence: The penitent sinner asked for forgiveness during his confessional statement. Penance

Meaning: self-inflicted punishment for a misdeed

Use in sentence: The man gave away all of his money to charity as penance for his greed.

  • Crevice:

Meaning: a tight opening or gap

Use in sentence: The vacuum cleaner attachment is the perfect tool for cleaning the crevice between the front car seats.


Meaning: a deep open crack, especially one in a glacier

Use in sentence: Once more an Alaskan snow machine rider has plummeted into a glacier crevasse.

(vii) Beneficent

Meaning: (of a person) generous or doing good.

Use in sentence: Doctors without Borders is a beneficent organization that travels around the world providing free healthcare to Third World countries.


Meaning: resulting in good; favourable or advantageous.

Use in sentence: Some doctors suggest that taking vitamin pills is not really very beneficial to our health.