English (Precis and Composition) CSS-2012




1:1 Choose the word that is nearly similar in meaning to the word in capital letters. Synonyms

1.    BREACH      
  (a) Secret (b) Reinforcement (c) Difficulty (d) Opening
2.    GELID      
  (a) Hot (b) Soft (c) Icy cold (d) Hard
3.    OPULENT      
  (a) Corrupt (b) Poor (c) Proud (d) Luxuriant
  (a) Large number (b) Variety (c) Shades of colours (d) Being true
5.    IOTA      
  (a) Agreement (b) Coin (c) Column (d) Small amount


  • Choose the word that is nearly most opposite in meaning to the Capitalized (Do only Five) Extra attempt of any Part of the question shall not be considered.
6.    DESPISE      
  (a) Abhor (b) Disdain (c) Demolish (d) Admire
7.    LACKEY      
  (a) Strange (b) Poor (c) Master (d) Ignorant
8.    EGRESS      
  (a) Decline (b) Entrance (c) Rude (d) Angry
9.    AMALGAMATE      
  (a) Punish (b) Study (c) Separate (d) Reduce
10.                    INSIPID      
  (a)      Silly (b) Tasty (c) Active (d) Thin


  • Correct the following sentences:

(a) A ten-feet long snake made people run here and there.

(13! We are going to the concert, and so they are.

(c) Enclosed with this letter was a signed affidavit and a carbon copy of his request to our mail office.

  • Fear from God.
  • Pakistan has and will support the Kashmiris.
  • He has come yesterday.
  • Arshad’s downfall was due to nothing else than pride.
  • Do not avoid-to consult a doctor.


  • A ten-foot long snake made people run here and there.
  • We are going to the concert, and so are they.
  • Enclosed with this letter were a signed Affidavit and a carbon copy of his request to our main
  • Fear God.
  • Pakistan had been and will be supporting the Kashmiris.
  • He came yesterday.
  • Arshad’s downfall was due to nothing else but pride.
  • Do not avoid consulting a doctor.

❑ Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:

1. Wool gathering 2. Under the harrow
3. Cold comfort 4. A gold digger
5. Walk with God 6. On the thin ice
7. A queer fish 8. Unearthly hour
  1. Wool-gathering

Meaning: To be daydreaming; not concentrating.

Use in sentence: Sarah was gathering wool most of the day, dreaming about that she had a really big house.

  1. Under the harrow

Meaning: in distress, upset, troubled

Use in sentence: Asjad has lost his job and is under the harrow nowadays.

  1. Cold comfort

Meaning: Slight consolation or encouragement

Use in sentence: She knows there are others worse off than her, but that’s cold comfort.

  1. A gold digger

Meaning: A woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain

Use in sentence: I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but how come all her friends have been rich?

  1. Walk with God –

Meaning: to live in obedience to His commands, and have communion with Him

Use in sentence: The Saints like Data Ali Hajvery walk with God as they whole of their lives. . they obeyed His commands.

  1. On the thin ice

Meaning: In a risky situation, endangered

Use in sentence: If you don’t want to find yourself on thin ice, you must be sure of your facts.

  1. A queer fish

Meaning: strange and unusual

Use in sentence: Some of the characters described as “queer fish” in old novels are called “weird” these days.

  1. Unearthly hour

Meaning: Absurdly early or inconvenient

Use in sentence: We got up at an unearthly hour this morning so we could go camping.