English (Precis and Composition) CSS-2008




Pick the most nearly same in meaning to the capitalized word. Do any Five.


(a) Large tomb                  (b) Waiting period                (c) Security for debt (d) Funeral house


(a) Skilful                          (b) Fruitful                        (c) Wordy                          (d) Spread out


(a) Narrow minded                                                         (b) Progressive

(c) Representing two parties                                     (d) Divided


(a) Careless                        (b) Unmistakable           (c) Variable                       (d) Incomparable


(a) Prayer                            (b) Debate                          (c) Garden                           (d) Agreement


(a) Expedient                    (b) Nominal                       (c) Provisional               (d) Alternative


(a) Relating to the            (b) Demons                               (c) Communications (d)Population

  1. SONAR:

(a) Apparatus to detect                                               (b) Locate objects

(c) Measure rain                                                              (d) Anticipate earthquake

Correct the following sentences.

  • Please tell me where is your brother?
  • Sajjad as well as Saleem were late.
  • He is the most cleverest boy in the class.
  • I have met him last month.
  • Your writing is inferior than him.

(I) Nothing but novels please him.

  • The teacher gave the boy an advice which he refused.
  • He brought the articles to the market which he wanted to sell.


  • Please tell me where your brother is.
  • Sajjad as well as Saleem was late.
  • He is the cleverest boy in the class.
  • I met him last month.
  • Your writing is inferior to his.
  • Nothing pleases him but novels.
  • The teacher gave the boy a piece of advice which he declined.
  • He brought the articles which he wanted to sell to the market.

❑ Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:

1. Blow one’s top 2. A cock and bull story
3. Find one’s feet 4. Call it a night
5. The tip of the iceberg 6. Below par
7. From pillar to post 8. Hang up
9. Turn someone in 10. By and by
  1. Blow one’s top

Meaning: lose one’s temper

Use in sentence: If she calls about this one more time I’m going to blow my top.

  1. A cock and bull story

Meaning: an unbelievable tale that is intended to deceive; a tall tale

Use in sentence: Jack told us some cock and bull story about getting lost.

  1. Find one’s feet

Meaning: to grow in confidence in a new situation as one gains experience

Use in sentence: If you ask for help when you need it, you will soon find your feet.

  1. Call it a night

Meaning: to go to bed to sleep

Use in sentence: We left the party and I wanted to call it a night, but Waseem invited people back for coffee.

  1. The tip of the iceberg

Meaning: only a small part of a much larger problem

Use in sentence: This is just the tip of iceberg, with many missing but not reported.

  1. Below par / under par

Meaning: average or normal amount, degree, health or condition

Use in sentence: I am feeling below par today, but I am sure I will recover by tomorrow.

From pillar to post

Meaning: to and fro

Use in sentence: The youth needs somewhere to go because at the moment they moved from pillar to post.

Hang up on

Meaning: to end a telephone call

Use in sentence: Do not hang up on me – we must talk.

Turn someone on

Meaning: to create feeling of excitement, interest, lust, pleasure, etc. Use in sentence: Jazz has never really turned me on.

10 Turn someone off

Meaning: to create feelings of dislike, repulsion, disgust, etc.

Use in sentence: People had been turned off by both candidates in the election.

  1. By and by

Meaning: after a while, soon

Use in sentence: She’ll be along by and by.

Use five of the following pairs of words in sentences:

(i) Mitigate, Alleviate (ii) Persecute, Prosecute
(iii) Popular, Populace (iv) Compliment, Complement
(v) Excite, Incite (vi) Voracity, Veracity
(vii) Virtual, Virtuous (viii) Exceptiona!, Exceptionable
  1. fi) Mitigate:

Meaning: to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad

Use in sentence: It is unclear how to mitigate the effects of tourism on the island.


Meaning: to make something bad such as pain or problems less severe
Use in sentence: The drugs did nothing to alleviate her pain/suffering.

oil) Persecute:

Meaning: to treat someone unfairly or cruelly over a long period of time because of their race, religion, or political beliefs or to annoy someone by refusing to leave them alone

Use in sentence: Religious minorities were persecuted and massacred during the ten-year regime.


Meaning: to bring legal action against for redress or punishment of a crime or violation of law Use in sentence: He was prosecuted for fraud.

  • Popular:

Meaning: liked, enjoyed or supported by many people Use in sentence: She’s the most popular teacher in school.


Meaning: the ordinary people who live in a particular country or place Use in sentence: The populace has suffered greatly.

  • Compliment:

Meaning: remark that expresses approval, admiration or respect

Use in sentence: I take it as a compliment when people say I look like my mother.


Meaning: to make something else seem better or more attractive when combining with it Use in sentence: The music complements her voice perfectly.

  • Excite:

Meaning: to make someone have strong feelings of happiness and enthusiasm Use in sentence: Nothing about my life excites me at present.


Meaning: to encourage someone to do or feel something unpleasant or violent

Use in sentence: She was expelled for inciting her classmates to rebel against their teachers.

  • Voracity:

Meaning: excessive desire to eat

Use in sentence: On reaching the ship they were offered some bread, which they devoured with a voracious appetite.


Meaning: the quality of being true, honest or accurate

Use in sentence: The veracity of the second claim can be tested against the findings of archaeology.

  • Virtuous:

Meaning: having good moral qualities and behaviour

Use in sentence: He described them as a virtuous and hard-working people.


Meaning: describes something that can be done or seen using a computer and therefore without going anywhere or talking to anyone

Use in sentence: In tests, we have found the virtual machine runs at a reasonable speed.

  • Exceptional:

Meaning: much greater than usual, especially in skill, intelligence, quality, etc.

Use in sentence: The Company has shown exceptional growth over the past two years.


Meaning: offensive or upsetting

Use in sentence: This action is normally only taken in exceptionable circumstances.