Current Affairs CSS-2007




Li Select the best option and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet:

  1. Petronas Towers are located in:

(a) Singapore                    (b) Chicago                               (c) Kuala Lumpur (d) None of these

  1. Name of the present UN Secretary General is:

(a) Kofi Annan                 (b) Bon Ki-moon             (c) Batrus Ghali              (d) None of these

Note: Antonio Guterres is the current UN Secretary General.

  1. The length of common border between India and Pakistan is:

(a) 900miles                      (b) 1000miles                   (c) 1100miles                    (d) None of these

  1. Last SAARC conference was held in 2004 at:

(a) Islamabad                  (b) Kathmandu                (c) Colombo                     (d) None of these

  1. China became the member of Work; Trade Organization in: (a) 1998 (b) 2002 (c) 2004        (d) None of these
  2. The number of players in each team of basketball game is:

(a) 5                                      (b) 7                                     (c) 9                                     (d) None of these

  1. Which is the largest Surah of Holy Quran?

(a) Surah Al-Imran                                                       (b) Surah Al-Baoarah

(c) Surah Yaseen                                                            (d) None of these

  1. The Olympic Games in 2004 were held in:

(a) Athens                          (b) Sydney                         (c) California                  (d) None of these

  1. How many members the National Security Council (Pakistan) has:

(a) 11                                   (b) 13                                   (c) 15                                    (d) None of these

  1. Nobel Peace Prize for year 2006 was awarded to:

(a) Dr. Mahatir Mohammad                                     (b) Dr. Mohammad Yunus

(c) Dr. Abul Kalam                                                       (d) None of these

  1. Denzil Washington is renowned as:

(a) USA army general                                              (b) British Naval Commander

(c) Hollywood actor                                                      (d) None of these

  1. The number of OIC member States is: (a) 55 (b) 57           (c) 59             (d) None of these
  2. Mahbub-ul-Haq Human Development Centre is located at: (a) Karachi (b) Lahore    (c) Islamabad                    (d) None of these


  1. Hugo Chavez is the president of:

(a) Venezuela                    (b) Brazil                            (c) Bolivia                         (d) None of these

Note: The current president of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro.

  1. What is the name of the only Pakistan who won a Nobel Prize?

(a) Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad                                                   (b) Dr. Abdus Salam

(c) Dr. Abdul Qadeer                                                     (d) None of these

  1. Maple leaf is the National emblem of:

(a) Germany                       (b) China                            (c) Canada                        (d) None of these

  1. Name of Bangladesh parliament is:

(a) Peoples National Assembly                                 (b) Majalis-i-Shoora

(c) Jatia Sanesad                                                            (d) None of these

  1. India has constructed “Baglihar Dam” in Occupied Kashmir’s district of: (a) Udhumpur (b) Doda       (c) Jammu     (d) None of these
  2. “Hamas” was founded in 1987 by:

(a) Yasser Arafat                                                             (b) Ismail Haniye

(c) Khalid Meshaal                                                         (d) Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

  1. Which of the following regions of Balochistan will be irrigated through Kachhi Canal project?

(a) Quetta                            (b) Zhob                              (c) Nasirabad                  (d) None of these