Current Affairs CSS-2006




❑ Select the best option and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet:

  1. How many medals were won by Pakistan in the 18th Commonwealth games? (a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 7                (d) None of these
  2. The currency of China is:

(a) Rouble                          (b) Yen                                (c) Yuan                             (d) None of these

  1. In the absence of President, who becomes the acting President of Pakistan?

(a) Speaker of the National Assembly                    (b) Chairman Senate

(c) Chief Justice of Pakistan                                      (d) None of these

  1. Han Myung has become the First Woman Prime Minister of: (a) South Korea (b) North Korea                (c) Vietnam                         (d) None of these
  2. Douglas A. Silliman is the US Ambassador to:

(a) ‘Jag                               (b) Syria                             (c) Lebanon                       (d) None of these

  1. H5N1 is the name of a:

(a) Medicine                      (b) Vaccine                        (c) Virus                             (d) None of these

  1. Biman is the airline of:

(a) Sri Lanka                    (b) Nepal                            (c) Bangladesh                 (d) None of these

  1. Which country’s border with Pakistan is called Durand Line?

(a) Iran                               (b) Afghanistan               (c) India                             (d) None of these

  1. Xinhua is the news agency of:

(a) China                            (b) Russia                          (c) North Korea               (d) None of these

  1. The Headquarters of the UN Security Council is located at: (a) Washington (b) Paris       (c) New York                      (d) None of these
  2. Who is the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan?

(a) Dr. Shamshad Akhtar                                         (b) Dr. Ishrat Hussain

(c) Sulman Shah                                                              (d) None of these

  1. Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2005 was awarded to M. Elbardei together with:
  • United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • World Health Organization (W.H.O.)
  • None of these
  1. Who is the United States, assistant secretary of state for South Asian and Central Asian a (‘fairs?

(a) Riyan C. Crocker                                                       (b) Nancy Powell

(c►Richard A. Boucher                                               (d) None of these

Note: Currently, The assistant secretary of the US for South Asian and Central Asian affairs is Alice G. Wells.

  1. What was the magnitude of the Earthquake that shook northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir on October 8, 2005?

(3) 5.7                        (b) 7.5                               (c) 7.7                                  (d) None of these

  1. Rafiq BahaudDin al Harriri had been the Prime Minister of:

(a) Libya                                (b) Lebanon                    (c) Syria                             (d) None of these

  1. Angela Merkel is the:

(a) President of France                                                  (b) First Lady of Britain

(c) Chancellor of Germany                                        (d) None of these

I 7. Fourth Estate applied to:

(a) Executive                        (b) Secret Agency          (c) Press                             (d) None of these

lt,!              The author of “The Spirit of Islam” is:

(a) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan                                             (b) Syed Ameer Ali

(c) Allama Iqbal                                                            (d) None of these

  1. The South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Standing Committee had agreed in principle to grant an observer status to:

(a) China and Japan                                                        (b) Britain and France

(c) United States and South Korea                          (d) None of these

  1. George Washington was the First President of USA. Who is the incumbent Vice President of America?

(a) George Bush                   (b) Gerlanx Ford            (c) Dick Cheney               (d) None of these

Note: John Adams was the incumbent (first) Vice President of America.