Correct the following sentences

His wisdom consisted of his handling the dangerous situation successfully.

Many a girls were appearing in the examination.

The vehicles run fastly on the Motorway. Smoking is injurious for health.

He availed of this situation very intelligently. The black vermin is an odious creature.

What to speak of meat, even vegetables were not available there.

No sooner we left our home when it started raining.

Little money I had I spent on the way. The criminal was sent at the jail.


  • His wisdom consisted of handling the dangerous situation successfully.
  • Many girls were appearing in the examination.
  • The vehicles run fast on the Motorway.
  • Smoking is injurious to health.
  • He availed himself of this situation very intelligently.

(1) The black vermin are odious creature.

(g). Not to speak of meat, even vegetables were not available there.

  • No sooner did we leave our home than it started raining.
  • The little money I had spent on the way.
  • The criminal was sent to the jail.

❑ Use the following idioms in sentences to make their meaning clear:

1.The teaming meanings2.To kick the bucket
3.To push to the walls4.To read between the lines
5.To be at daggers drawn6.To throw down the gauntlet
7.To be a Greek / it’s all Greek to me8.To stand on ceremony
9.From the horse’s mouth10.Have a (heavy) cross to bear


  1. The teaming meanings

Meaning: some articles that match your query

Use in sentence: During the lecture; the professor gave the teeming meanings on the topic.

  1. To kick the bucket

Meaning: die

Use in sentence: His father kicked the bucket yesterday.

  1. To push to the walls

Meaning: to place in a desperate or extreme position

Use in sentence: If you push Asad to the wall, he will surely retaliate.

  1. To read between the lines

Meaning: find the real message in what you’re reading or hearing

Use in sentence: Reading between the lines, I’d say he is not happy with the situation.

  1. To be at daggers drawn

Meaning: very angry and close to violence

Use in sentence: Usman and Zeeshan are still at daggers drawn over the rent.

  1. To throw down the gauntlet Meaning: declare or issue a challenge

Use in sentence: The senator threw down the gauntlet on the tax issue.

  1. To be a Greek / it’s all Greek to me Meaning: it is beyond my comprehension

Use in sentence: This new computer programme is all Greek to me.

  1. To stand on ceremony

Meaning: to behave in a formal or ceremonious manner

Use in sentence: I was quite nervous and couldn’t relax until he told me that it was not necessary to stand on ceremony.

  1. From the horse’s mouth

Meaning: to hear it directly from the person concerned or responsible

Use in sentence: “I got a tip yesterday, and if it wasn’t straight from the horse’s mouth it was jolly well the next thing to it.”

  1. Have a (heavy) cross to bear

Meaning: to have a difficult problem that makes you worried or unhappy but that you have to deal with

Use in sentence: We all have crosses to bear.

Use five of the following pairs of words in sentences:

(i)                         Brooch, Broach                                           (ii)              Collusion, Collision

(iii) Fain, Feign                                                         (iv)                Hoard, Horde

(v)         Illusion, Delusion                                     (vi)                 Persecute, Prosecute

(vii) Prescribe, Proscribe                                        (viii) Respectfully, Respectively

(ix) Complacent, Complaisant                             (x)                  Corporal, Corporeal

  • Brooch:

Meaning: an ornament

Use in sentence: The brooch looks beautiful in her Sari.


Meaning: to open or start

Use in sentence: Who will broach this topic in the annual meeting?

  • Collusion:

Meaning: a secret understanding for a fraudulent purpose Use in sentence: The thieves acted in Collusion with police.


Meaning: a violent encounter

Use in sentence: A collision occurred between two railway trains.

  • Fain:

Meaning: gladly, willing to

Use in sentence: Fain would I climb but I fear to fall.


Meaning: to pretend

Use in sentence: She feigned repentance.

  • Hoard:

Meaning: to store or accumulate

Use in sentence: What is the use of hoarding wealth you cannot use?


Meaning: a gang

Use in sentence: The hordes of Tartars swept the plains.

  • Illusion:

Meaning: seeing of something that is different from reality Use in sentence: As we grow older we shed our illusions.


Meaning: a false impression or belief

Use in sentence: He had a delusion that some was pursuing him.



  • Persecute:

Meaning: to oppress or trouble

Use in sentence: Many Roman Catholics were persecuted by protestants in Germany.


Meaning: to bring before a court

Use in sentence: The accused was prosecuted for violating the law.

  • Prescribe:

Meaning: to suggest as a remedy

Use in sentence: Will you please prescribe some medicine for me?


Meaning: to condemn or ban

Use in sentence: The Government has proscribed all the objectionable books.

  • Respectfully:

Meaning: in a respectful manner

Use in sentence: He behaved respectfully towards his parents.


Meaning: refers to persons or things in the order mentioned

Use in sentence: The names of the boys are, respectively, Afzal, Ali and Ansar.

  • Complacent:

Meaning: pleased

Use in sentence: She has a complacent look.


Meaning: obliging, polite

Use in sentence: Hina’s complaisance is beyond praise.

  • Corporal:

Meaning: bodily punishment

Use in sentence: Corporal punishment should be discouraged.


Meaning: material

Use in sentence: Man is a. corporeal being but an angle is not.