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In this test you are given a list of five words and are required to choose which of the five words is the odd one out. This may be for a variety of reasons, as in the following examples:

(a) calm, quiet, relaxed, serene, unruffled

Answer: ‘quiet’ is the odd one out, as the rest mean the same thing.However, your being quiet does not necessarily mean that you are calm, relaxed serene or unruffled. You could be extremely upset and agitated but still remain quiet.

(b) abode, dwelling, house, residence, street
Answer: ‘street’ is the odd one out, as the rest are specific places in which we live. ‘Street’ is a general term which may contain many houses, gardens, trees, road surfaces, etc.

You have 30 minutes in which to solve the 20 questions.

1. erect, upright, perpendicular, level, vertical

2. unequalled, paramount, exceptional, unsurpassed, finest

3. case, coffer, crate, chest, covering

4. cajole, deceive, beguile, inveigle, persuade

5. visit, summon, invite, assemble, convene

6. synagogue, mosque, pagoda, steeple, cathedral

7. hogwash, buffoonery, gibberish, gobbledegook, mumbo-jumbo

8. satisfactory, perfect, acceptable, fine, suitable

9. quadrangular, cubic, rectangular, spheroid, square

10. discontinue, forgo, relinquish, surrender, abandon

11. parched, desiccated, scorched, barren, dehydrated

12. pamphlet, certificate, catalogue, brochure, leaflet

13. burrow, till, cultivate, furrow, harrow

14. simian, ape, feline, monkey, primate

15. design, hew, chisel, sculpt, fashion

16. imaginary, strange, visionary, illusory, unreal

17. fete, holiday, gala, jamboree, carnival

18. obliquely, laterally, sideways, crabwise, orbicular

19. submit, distribute, tender, proffer, offer

20. sporadic, periodic, erratic, occasional, recurrent

Answers,explanations and assessments