Today That day Yesterday The previous day
Tomorrow The next day This That
To night That night Now Then
Thus So Ago       • Before
•Here There These Those


Solved Exercise


1.  He said, “I am not a thief.” He said that he was not a thief.
2.  She said, “I am working hard.” She said that she was working hard.
3.  He said, “I have returned the books.” He said that he had returned the books.
4.  She says to me, “I love my son.” She says to me that she loves her son.
5.  She said, “The patient died in the hospital.” She said that the patient had died in the hospital.
6.  He said, “She will go there.” He said that she would go there.
7.  She said, “I do not agree with you.” She said that she did not agree with him.
8.  You say to me, “He is ill.” You said to me that he was ill.
9.  He said to the stranger, “I do not recognize you.” He told the stranger that he did not recognize him.
10.           The teacher said to Moeen, “I have taught you and your sister.” The teacher told Moeen that he had taught him and his sister.
11.  She said to me, “You are a lazy boy.” She told me that I was a lazy boy.
12.  You say to them, “We played tennis.” You say to them that you played tennis.
13.                                                               He will say, “I went home.”                                                           . He will say that he went home.
14.              He said, “I am not a poor man.” He said that he was not a poor man.
15.              She said to me, “I like this book.” She said to me that she liked that book.



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16. He said, “Will you listen to me.” He asked me whether I would listen to him.
17.  She said, “Are you going to Lahore today?” She asked me whether I was going to Lahore that day.
18. He said, “Do you agree with me?” He asked me whether I agreed with him.
19.  He said to me, “What are you looking for?” He asked me what I was looking for.
20. I said to him, “You are late.” I said to him that he was late.
21. lie said, “Yes I shall come.” He said that he would come.
22. She said, “Where do you live?” She enquired of them where they lived.
23.  He said, “How many chapters have you done already?” He enquired of him how many chapters he had done by that time.
24. I said to him, “I have done my duty.” I said to him that I ha4 done my duty.
25.  I said to him, “I was doing my duty yesterday.” I said to him that I had been doing my duty the other day.
26.  I said to him, “You will play cricket tomorrow.” I said to him that he would play cricket the next day.
27. The referee said, “Quiet please.” The referee requested the spectators to be quiet.
28.  The teacher said, “Do not make a noise.” The teacher ordered the student not to make a noise.
29. She said to me, “Tell the truth.” She advised me to tell the truth.
30.  She said to me, “Please lend me your camera for a day.” She requested me to lend her my camera for a day.
31.  ROshana said, “Let us finish our work first.” Roshana proposed that we should finish our work first.
32.  He said to me, “Where is your father now?” He asked me where my father was then.
33. I said to him, “Why are you late?” I asked him why he was late,
34. She said, “All right, I shall buy that.” She said that she would buy that.
35. She said, “No, I shall not come.” She said that she would not come.
36. He said, “hurrah! We have won the match.” He exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.
37. She said, “Alas! I am ruined.” She exclaimed with sorrow that she was ruined.
38. He said, “May God help me do my duty.” He prayed that God might help him do his duty.
39. I said to the headmaster, “May I come in, sir?” I asked the headmaster respectfully if I might come in.
40. She says, “I hope I am not late.” She says that she hopes she is not late.





  • Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech:
  1. He said to me, “Let us do work.”
  2. Aslam said, “I am not well today.”
  3. The teacher said, “The Earth moves round the Sun.”
  4. I said to my servant, “Polish my shoes.”
  5. She said to me, “Do not waste your time.”
  6. The doctor said, “I am coming soon.”
  7. She said to him, “I always loved my children.”
  8. The teacher said, “Union is strength.”
  9. He said to me, “I am worried about your future.”
  10. I say to you, “I shall give you a surprise.”
  11. He said, “All is well that ends well.”
  12. He said to me, “I have an interesting story for you.”
  13. I said to you, “Do not make a noise.”
  14. She said to me, “What did you ask me?”
  15. She said to her son, “May you live long.”
  16. Doctor said to her, “Alas ! I could not save your son.”
  17. Rashid said, “I like to play here.”
  18. The teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy.”
  19. The teacher said to the boy, “Work hard.”
  20. I said to him, “Are you ill today?”
  21. The teacher said, “Do your work.”
  22. She says, “I have done my duty.”
  23. I said to him, “I love Pakistan.”
  24. You said to him, “Write a letter.”
  25. He says to me, “I am good player.”
  26. The old man said, “May you live long.”
  27. He said to me, “What is your name?”
  28. They said, “Let us go for a walk.”
  29. He says to us, “I shall sleep tonight.”
  30. You said to him, “Write a letter.”
  31. She said to her mother, “When do you get up?”
  32. You said to me, “Are you going to school now?”
  33. They said, “Health is wealth.”
  34. He will say to me, “It will rain today.”
  35. The teacher said, “Sit down boys.”
  36. Usman said to me, “1 am doing my home work.”
  37. Maria said to her sister, “Are you ill today?”
  38. My mother said to me, “When will you come back’?”
  39. The teacher said, “The Earth is round.”
  40. The commander said, “Do not make a noise.”