The selection of an educational institution is very important to fulfill your dreams. It determines, the direction of your ambition or profession. A profession plays a vital role in the life and livelihood of a man. Among professions, the most sacred one is being a soldier in the Pakistan Army. This profession welcomes those who dare and desire to perform beyond the call of duty. This is -a profession that is an ultimate path to success and gives way to reach the highest pedestal, which one may dream or work for.

In Pakistan, many prominent Cadet Colleges like Cadet College Hassan Abdal, Cadet College Chakwal, Cadet College Kallar Kahar, Garrison Cadet College Kohat, Joint Forces Cadet College Multan, Military College Jhelum (Sarai Alamgir), Pakistan Steel College Karachi; WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela, Cadet College Mastu’ lig, etc. . are providing the best possible all-round Educational Training towards preparing for all fields of life including the armed forces.

Few Cadet Colleges only aim at the armed forces. These colleges are residential: institutions. These colleges also enhance academic excellence, intellectual advancement, moral, up-gradation, and -physical development in the cadets. These colleges inculcate discipline in the lives of the cadets ‘ and prepare the defenders. After the completion of education and training from these institutions, one can serve the nation devotedly and enthusiastically. Religious training is also an added aspect of these institutions. In short, we may conclude that these colleges help for the comprehensive development of the personality. To serve humanity and to defend the country is the ambition and dream of most of the boys. Cadet Colleges provide the best opportunity to fulfill this dream