Antonym test B

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Antonym test B is a series of 20 questions designed to test your knowledge of the language and your ability to quickly identify words that have opposite meanings. In each case, choose just the two words from the six words provided that are most opposite in meaning.

You have 20 minutes in which to solve the 20 questions.

1. wet, murky, cheerful, bright, still, happy

2. scarce, unwise, profuse, moral, ample, absent

3. contradict, continue, promote, intensify, quell, substantiate

4. fatuous, irrelevant, similar, therapeutic, contrary, rash

5. rigid, fluent, baroque, faltering, bare, effective

6. saturation, remuneration, tradition, reflection, salvation, perdition

7. eerie, hazardous, secure, active, restrained, sad

8. wise, foolproof, enlarged, wasteful, frugal, weak

9. candid, lucid, ignorant, angry, subtle, strong

10. sparse, gregarious, unsociable, graceful, weak, confused

11. litigate, allow, proffer, spread, proscribe, disagree

12. bob, rear, train, sail, bow, genuflect

13. important, rich, free, elevated, petty, perverse

14. neglected, brief, diplomatic, palpable, rude, devious

15. capture, absolve, captivate, diminish, hide, convict

16. climax, liking, zest, flavour, apathy, reluctance

17. trouble, turmoil, drivel, joy, passion, calm

18. elastic, severed, taut, level, slack, pliant

19. popinjay, neophyte, instructor, gambler, prize-fighter, aviator

20. humane, phlegmatic, erudite, solid, animated, healthy

Answers,explanations and assessments