Answers,explanations and assessments(Classification)

Classification test


1. level: all the others mean straight up.
2. exceptional: all the others mean the very best.
3. covering: the rest are specifically types of closed containers.
4. deceive: the rest mean to persuade.
5. visit: it means to call on, the rest mean to call to.
6. steeple: it is part of a church, the rest all being actual places of worship.
7. buffoonery: it means clowning around, the rest mean nonsensical.
8.perfect: it means 100%, the rest are just OK.
9. spheroid: it is round, the rest are square.
10. discontinue: it means to sign off, the rest mean to sign away.
11. scorched: it means hot, the rest mean dry.
12. certificate: the rest are types of information.
13. burrow: it means to dig, the rest mean to plough.
14. feline: it is a cat, the rest are types of monkey.
15. design: the rest mean to shape.
16. strange: the rest are all unreal.
17. holiday: the rest are specific types of festivity.
18. orbicular: it is going around, the rest go from side to side or sideways.
19. distribute: it means to hand out, the rest mean to hand in.
20. recurrent: it means repeatedly, the rest mean irregularly.