Analogy test B

Analogy test B

Answers,explanations and assessments


In each of the following, identify two words (one from each set of brackets) that form a connection (analogy) when paired with the words in capitals, e.g:
CHAPTER (book, verse, read)
ACT (stage, audience, play)
Answer: book and play; a chapter is a division of a book and an act is a division of a play.

You have 30 minutes in which to solve the 20 questions.

1. PLUM (eat, grow, fruit)
WILLOW (leaves, tree, crop)

2. RIFLE (bullet, gun, fire)
CATAPULT (project, fling, weapon)

3. FOX (tail, hunt, fur)
PEACOCK (fly, plumage, breed)

4. EVENING (morning, night, day)
AUTUMN (day, winter, season)

5. STELLATE (sword, star, triangle)
TOROID (funnel, ring, crescent)

6. TASTE (food, swallow, tongue)
WALK (run, legs, move)

7. CHEMISTRY (laboratory, reaction, substances)
FAUNA (plants, animals, countryside)

8. TRAVEL (journey, map, list)
ATTEND (meeting, programme, boardroom)

9. FOREWORD (read, progress, book)
OVERTURE (music, opera, composer)

10. RESIGN (politician, leave, parliament)
ABDICATE (rule, king, realm)

11. CASTOR (sugar, furniture, wheel)
ROWEL (bicycle, hub, spur)

12. MOBSTER (gangster, criminal, prohibition)
BRIGAND (fugitive, bandit, desperado)

13. CLAVIER (piano, compose, instrument)
TAMBOUR (music, beat, drum)

14. QUADRUPED (four, year, animal)
QUATRAIN (verse, eight, ship)

15. LARGO (loud, solemn, slow)
PIANO (lively, soft, fast)

16. GLUTTONY (food, weight, sin)
CHARITY (philanthropy, kindness, virtue)

17. VESTRY (church, hospital, refuge)
DISPENSARY (monastery, laboratory, hospital)

18. MODIFY (correct, regulate, change)
REDRESS (adjust, align, rectify)

19. MOAT (ditch, portcullis, crater)
TURRET (rampart, watchtower, defence)

20. SAVANNAH (inlet, highland, grass)
SIERRA (ravine, mountain, rock)

Answers,explanations and assessments