Analogy test A

Answers,explanations and assessments

An analogy is a similitude of relations where it is necessary to reasonthe answer from a parallel case. Questions may take the form ‘A is to Bas C is to?’, as in the following example:
HELMET is to protection as TIARA is to: adornment, queen, hair, royalty, head
Answer: adornment; both a helmet and a tiara are worn on the head, however, a helmet is worn for the purpose of protection and a tiara is worn for adornment.

You have 30 minutes in which to solve the 20 questions.

1. digital is to numbers as analogue is to:
symbols, hands, time, register, chronometer

2. concept is to notion as fixation is to:
obsession, idea, intuition, apprehension, proposition

3. confound is to bewilder as astound is to:
surprise, confuse, startle, astonish, horrify

4. corolla is to petals as pedicel is to:
flower, stalk, root, leaves, anther

5. limerick is to five as sonnet is to:
four, eight, twelve, fourteen, sixteen

6. laser is to beams as strobe is to:
intensity, flashes, signals, X-rays, lamps

7. venerable is to august as lofty is to:
imposing, December, magisterial, rarefied, grand

8. haematite is to iron as galena is to:
enamel, copper, tin, zinc, lead

9. trireme is to ship as triptych is to:
spear, stand, pattern, panel, play

10. east is to orient as west is to:
aoristic, occident, orison, ottoman, ocean

11. artist is to brush as scribe is to:
paper, pen, book, words, page

12. squander is to waste as employ is to:
exploit, obtain, benefit, consume, use

13. stopcock is to pipe as throttle is to:
valve, engine, flow, machine, regulate

14. Aries is to ram as Cygnus is to:
goat, fish, swan, eagle, charioteer

15. continue is to resume as continuous is to:
perseverance, unbroken, everlasting, repetition, persist

16. jade is to green as sapphire is to:
blue, red, black, brown, yellow

17. tangent is to touch as secant is to:
meet, divide, coincide, intersect, join

18. cleaver is to cut as auger is to:
drill, chop, hammer, shape, saw

19. competent is to skilful as adept is to:
capable, expert, able, clever, knowledgeable

20. aspiration is to ambition as fruition is to:
realisation, success, victory, recognition, desire

Answers,explanations and assessments