Advice for Self Story and Self Appraisal

  • Think about yourself objectively and consider particularly your achievements in the academies sports, social and other fields. Your achievements in respect of the following, if any, should find a place in your narrative.
  1. Whether you got a position, place, or honors in any of your examinations.
  2. Whether you have won prizes, scholarships, medals, etc.
  3. Whether you have participated in debates, competitions, etc.
  4. Whether you have acted in dramas etc.
  5. Whether you have been the organizer of any functions, festivities, celebrations, etc.
  6. Whether you have been elected to any office etc., in the school or elsewhere.
  7. Whether you received any training in NCC etc.
  8. Whether you were engaged in any social service activities.
  9. Whether you have written any articles etc.
  10. Whether you have visited any places of interest, foreign countries etc.
  11. Whether your hobbies brought you any distinction.
  12. Whether you have participated in Radio programs.
  13. Whether you have distinguished in sports activities and so forth.
  • Do not waste time in describing your place of birth, home, school, etc., at length. The emphasis should be on such factors which will provide some data regarding your personality traits.
  • Mention about the important personages, whether past or present, who might have impressed and influenced you, e.g., Quaid- Azam, Lincoln, Dr. Iqbal, and others.
  • Your strong and weak points do not refer to your likes and dislikes. There is no need for you to write about your likes and dislikes at some length.
  • Give correct and accurate information. Be careful to avoid contradictions with what you might have written in the questionnaire.
  • Prepare in advance and get sufficient practice by writing, again and again, several times. Since the question, in some form or the other, is invariably asked, the candidate should be ready for it. He must write it down several times and see that he does not exceed the time limit. It must contain only essential and important details and should be such as could be capable of being presented within three minutes. It should be read, re-read and checked to ensure that no important or essential details have been omitted.